How it works with Polish TV Company

What is Polish TV Service?

Polish TV is the innovative TV service from the Polish TV Company, a pioneer in digital television. For the first time we present to you over 90 of the most popular Polish channels in digital quality anywhere around the world on your TV!

Where does it work?

Our service works anywhere in the world where there is a high-speed internet connection available.

How to watch it?

You watch service on your TV just like regular television that you are used to with the remote control and the set-top-box (receiver). Connect the receiver to the TV and to the Internet Router or Modem and you are set.

Which channels are included?

At the moment we provide over 90 channels from Poland including news, sport, movie, music, entertainment and kids channels.

How much does it cost?

For each service plan we offer monthly and annual billing options. If you select MONTHLY BILLING, you will be prepaying for a month ahead and payments will be made each month. If you choose ANNUAL BILLING, you will be prepaying for 10 months, and get 2 months for free on the top of that (total 12 months). You can switch from one billing plan to another at any time.