Films about love are always at the top. But on St. Valentine's day they break all the records. It doesn’t matter, whether you already found your soulmate or not, on this day you will with high possibility search for some romantic movies to watch.

We decide to make your life a bit easier and made a list of romantic films worth watching not only on holidays but any time when you need rest or some good emotions.

Hollywood about love

The Notebook


If you haven’t watched that film yet, you should do it now. The Notebook is based on the legendary book by Nikolas Sparks. Elly and Noy loved each other for the whole life and even Elly’s illness was not able to change this. You will cry and smile, feel happiness and sorrow - a big range of emotions is the sign of a good film, isn't it?

Interesting fact: actors who played the main characters - Ryan Thomas Gosling and Rachel MacAdams were hating each other during the work on this film. They say that these two actors are not too good with each other even now. But in spite of that, they played a perfect love and millions of fans believed them.

Bridget Jones (all 3 parts)


Who else knows everything about love if not Bridget Jones. Probably almost every woman will recognize something from herself in Bridget – thoughts about body and food, looking for the ideal man or something else. Romantic comedies about Bridget Jones will lift your mood in any case – 100% guaranteed.

Interesting facts: Renee Zellweger gained some kilos to look like Bridget Jones from the original book. For a month she worked in a publishing company and tried to imagine how her character felt during the working days and after them.

La La Land


This film became a sensation of the year 2016 and got almost all Oscars at the beginning of 2017. Audience and critics from the very beginning were so impressed by La La Land that predicted it all possible prizes and high box office. Time showed that they were right.

A lot of people wanted to watch a story of a couple, who decided to find their place and become famous in LA. And of course, the main highlight of the film is dancing and singing Rayan Gosling. Do you also want to see this?

Interesting facts: especially for this film Gosling studied playing the guitar. He had classes almost every day for 2 hours for half a year. His colleagues were impressed by his speed and desire to study something new.

Polish romantic cinematography

All that I love


This is the polish version of modern Romeo and Juliett. When the love story of Janek and Basia began, nobody could predict how it would end. Two people are in love with each other but their parents (involved in different organizations) and the wartime – everything was against their relationships. Is it possible that everything will end in a calm way? It’s a good question.

Interesting facts: the main attention in this film should be paid to Andrzej Chyra who played Janek‘s father. He is one of the best Polish actors who is able to play any role.

The bodyguard for daughter (Sara)


This film made a lot of noise in 1997. The story is about a former soldier who came back home and should have a good life with his wife and kids. But after the incident, the wife left him and everything changed. Now he has to work for one of Polish gangsters and protect his daughter. In time he falls in love with his ward. That was the biggest mistake ever.

Interesting facts: the actress who played the daughter of the criminal was 16 years old. In spite of this, she was involved in erotic episodes. This fact was the reason for the indignation of many viewers.

Expecting Love


This film is the result of the collaboration between Polish and American filmmakers. Ian — is a talented lawyer making a good career in the USA. All his plans for the future were destroyed when he found out that his girlfriend from Poland is pregnant. Ian travels to Poland and can’t even imagine what is waiting for him there.

Interesting facts: this film was represented in 2008 and became one of the first successful examples of international collaboration between Polish and American films.

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