Ultraviolet Polish Series Review

Ultraviolet – Genre

Ultraviolet – Genre

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Ultraviolet is a crime drama. Thus, here, don’t expect spectacular scenes with police chasing criminals, shooting, fighting. This series is much deeper than just that. If you love movies that discuss dilemmas of justice, truth, and freedom, this is the right piece for you.

What Is So Special in It?

Ultraviolet Polish TV series doesn’t leave you indifferent. You will revive all the feelings and emotions of the main character – Ola Serafin. The acting of Marta Nieradkevicz is so convincing that it is difficult to believe that all those things aren’t happening for real.

A 30-years old woman Ola returns to her native town Łódź. However, you can see that she doesn’t it just for a visit: she has to get over the murder of her brother. He was killed by her wife but the police insisted that it was self-defense. In Łódź, Ola works as a driver for a service like Uber.

Once on the way home, she sees a young girl jumping from the overpass. While everything looks like a suicide, and the police later insist it was a suicide, there are some details that make Ola think differently. The police though don’t want to investigate the crime and insist it was a suicide.

For the moment, everything looks like a usual plot for a crime movie, however, don’t hurry to judge. In the search for the truth, Ola comes across a group of detectives, or at least those who position themselves as detectives.

The group takes a completely different approach to the investigation of crimes: they use the internet as the main source of information. They check social networks, blogs, and other sources to find out the truth. These people know how to find the needed information. They can identify who the person is, what he/she does, who are his/her friends, relatives, and similar. All the information is available on the web, and this idea is clearly stated in the series.

In the Ultraviolet Polish series, the internet was shown for the first time as a sole source where all the needed information can be found. Thus, this time, the internet again has to help to find out whether the girl committed suicide and jumped off the crossover or somebody “helped” her to do so.

The series tells us not only about the indifferent lady and brave detectives. It shows that the world is ruled by injustice, and the police who are called to fight it, are not doing too much. Ola isn’t a superhero, she is a usual woman, moreover, she is heartbroken by the death of her brother. However, she is the one who is indifferent, who cares, and who finally dos everything to solve the crime.

An interesting plot is not the only benefit of the series. When watching Ultraviolet, you get acquainted with the architecture of Łódź. You plunge into the atmosphere of its ancient city with buildings constructed with those typical bricks. The series was filmed not only in Łódź but also in Krakow and Warsaw. Thus, viewers from the entire world can see how those cities look like and get a better idea of a Polish town or city.

Ultraviolet – Genre

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Ultraviolet Cast

Ultraviolet Polish TV series cast has managed to turn the series into a masterpiece of crime drama. Thus, we believe, they deserve our special attention:

Marta Neradkevicz as Ola Serafin

Sebastian Fabijański as Michał Holender

Agata Kulesha as Anna Serafin

Bartłomiej Topa as Waldemar Kraszewski

Michał Żurawski as Tomasz Molak

Karolina Chapko as Dorota Polańska

Paulina Chapko as Regina Polańska

Marek Kalita as Henryk Bąk

Magdalena Czerwińska as Beata Misiak, and others.

Ultraviolet Polish TV series and actors have shown justice from a completely different view. We shall also admit that the cast has managed their roles perfectly. There is no excess in the acting, and it makes all the characters very convincing.

Seasons and Releases

Ultraviolet Polish TV series season 1 was released on the 25th of October 2017. It introduces us its main character Ola and tells about her life circumstances. When Ola sees a suicide (or rather a murder), we expect that further, all the attributes of a typical crime series will follow: police chasing criminals, shooting, arresting, and finally, the justice manifests.

However, everything turns out to be completely different. The police aren’t interested. Everybody believes that Ola has seen suicide. Thus, the woman starts her own investigation. She finds a group of detectives who apply approaches and methods that differ from traditional ones immensely. In the end, the crime is solved. However, we are still left with a feeling that something else shall follow.

Ultraviolet Polish TV series season 2 was released on the 5th of October 2019. While the first season tells us more about the main character, in the second season, we get to know Ultraviolet members.

While Ola is still doing her best to prove that her brother was killed, we learn that a character of the Ultraviolet Polish TV series Tomek becomes a father. Piast has started his studies at a university, and it looks like this promising tech-genius will have to offer more to the group very soon. Dorota and Regina, the twins running a fashion blog, are managing their blog business successfully.

The group became quite popular. People who cannot find a solution and lost home in the police address to group with their problems and doubts. Finally, the police themselves started collaborating with the group to solve the most mysterious crimes. 

Every crime is solved within one episode. Most outcomes are predictable. But the dialogues are of the same quality and bear the main message: if you want justice to rule the world, help it happen.

While watching the series, consider though that this is not a documentary and even not a usual crime film. Therefore, don’t expect that all the scenes will accurately represent the procedures in reality. However, if instead of pure action, you prefer something that touches philosophical problems, something that appeals to our emotions, this is a series we recommend you to watch. We bet you won`t regret it.