A bit more than 20 years ago a lot of scientists predicted that the Internet will actually make watching TV useless – users will search for all the needed information, films, and any other content and are going to actually forget about their TV-sets. Of course, these prognoses were not absolutely true. Online hasn’t destroyed TV watching but changed it a lot. We gathered new prognoses about the TV industry development during the next years. So let’s take a look, how scientists see our world in 2050.

TV in the future

Hypothesis 1

Content will be customized 100%

In principle, we absolutely agree with this idea. According to the latest researches, even now most of the content (80%) users watch via streaming services is based on their willingness and preferences. Moreover, it’s already possible to say that in a couple of years the format of talk shows we are used to now will be already history. The audience will prefer TV products which are able to change the topics even during broadcasting.

Hypothesis 2 

A lot of original content

This theory also seems quite realistic. Even nowadays streaming services compete with each other quite a lot and produce their own content that to buy rights for the new popular shows for all money in the world. And this strategy works quite well. So the model of self-production, it seems, will be more and more widespread among streamers.

Hypothesis 3 

Customer experience is a king

Users become more and more demanding and want to pay only for quality services that predict their wishes. Companies will take care of the customer experience and make it the main reference point when it comes to the design and development of the new product. It looks like the possible future of TV watching.

Hypothesis 4

Advertising will be changed forever

Ads mean money. And of course, ways of product promotion have to change together with the new technologies. Amazon, for example, predicts that it’s new ways of TV advertising are something really super cool and unexpected. Will see what does it mean. Probably, we will, for example, control the ads and their plot.  Sounds interesting, isn’t?

Hypothesis 5

Just two letters – VR

Virtual reality. Maybe it’s really a technology able to change almost every sphere of our life. Especially now, when personal contacts are restricted almost all around the world. VR can help people to take part in meetings, play games and even participate in a favorite show and at the same time stay at home. Some scientists think that people in the future will want to influence on the plot of the movies they watch. And VR is a key to that.

And how do you think?