Top Polish Music Channels - Detailed Review 

Are you missing authentic Polish music? You can listen to songs in Polish and foreign languages as well as to top-quality music in HD quality. In our review, you can find information about TOP Polish music TV channels and make your choice. 

Polo TV

Polo TV ptvc

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Polo TV is one of the main channels when we speak about the top channels of Polish TV. It came into existence in May 2011, and since then, it is one of the most listened-to musical channels in the Polish language.

Until 2019, all the programs were available for free via satellite TV. The channel was all about modern and foreign music. November 2019 was marked by the introduction of HD quality channels on Polo TV. And since December 2019, the access to Polo TV has become coded.

Now, you can enjoy top music and songs performed by Polish and foreign singers. 

Eska TV ptvc

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Eska TV is a result of the development of a multimedia internet platform. The channel presents music, interviews with celebrities, news from the world of music. 

The channel started broadcasting on the internet in August 2008. Later, in May 2009, the channel moved to satellite and cable.

The channel used to broadcast the widest range of music in the widest selection of genres. Those were pop, Rock R&B, disco music, dance music in the Polish language, and similar. Even though the channel switched to HD quality just in 2015, it has always been one of the most popular Polish music TV channels. 

Disco Polo Music ptvc

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Disco Polo is available online or via a license. This is the right channel for those who feel nostalgic about their native country. As expected, the main accent is so-called Polo music. While historically, it is known as rather urban folk music, in the modern time, also disco music was considered Polo music. 

Stars. TV

Stars.TV ptvc

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If you want to watch Polish music TV channels with top quality, Stars.TV is definitely an option to try. 

This channel broadcasts top hits starting from 1950-ies and up to modern times. This is the fifth top-watched channel in Poland and abroad. 

The channel started broadcasting in 2012. During the same year, it started its expansion to cable TV and the internet. In 2014, Stars.TV started the broadcast on digital terrestrial TV.

Now, Stars.TV has completely upgraded its design and is waiting for its viewers who love watching Polish channels in HD quality. This is the best channel for those who love listening to the best songs in all their variety.


4fun.TV ptvc

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This channel could be described as a music channel. However, it would be too superficial. In fact, this channel broadcasts everything that can be entertaining for adults and young people. Among the programs offered by the channel, you can choose music, shows, news, interviews, etc. 

The channel shows its own films, animations, sport news, games, and similar. Thus, positioning it as a solely music channel is rather incorrect. 4Fun.TV is a channel about everything that can interest people. 

This is the first interactive channel in Poland. This is one of the reasons for its popularity. The broadcasting is based on communication with viewers. Viewers participate in the formation of play-lists, ratings, they can vote and reply to quizzes questions on the phone, via SMS, or via email. 

Viewers are also welcomed to submit their own content. It is shown and discussed in a special chat.

This is a channel that makes you feel as if you were in Poland at the moment of watching 4Fun.TV. It makes you plunge again into the world of the Polish language and culture. 4Fun.TV is a perfect option for those who want to continue speaking Polish in a non-intrusive fun way. 

Kino Polska Musyka

Kino Polska Musyka ptvc

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Kino Polska Musyka positions itself as a channel for all fans of the Polish language and culture. 

And indeed, there, you can find whatever you like. There are programs devoted to modern Polish singers. For those who love good old Polish songs, there are programs devoted to the classics of Polish music. Karaoke is also available for those who love singing along. 


4FUN KIDS ptvc

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This is the first project of this kind for children. There, you can find kids-friendly videos and shows. Along with music content, there are a lot of fun educational games and programs. For those kids who find it difficult to relax and sleep in the evening, there are special relaxational videos. 

This is the best channel in the Polish language for those families who would like their kids to keep speaking Polish. Its main benefit is that you can let your kids watch it without being afraid that they might come across inappropriate content while watching the channel. 



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This Polish channel is all about music, all types, and genres of it. Whether you love classics or modern rhythms, you are in the right place when you choose 4FUN DANCE. There, you can listen to good old songs, the best disco polo creations, and the modern hits. Also, this is a channel for those who love karaoke. Several times a day, you can enjoy songs with text displayed on the screen for you to sing along. 

VOX Music TV

VOX Music TV ptvc

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VOX Music TV is one more Polish channel that has been operating for a while. It came to life in 2014. Since then, it has been focused on music only: hits of 70-ies, 80-ies, 90-ies, Disco Polo, Italo-disco, Euro-disco, and similar. 

Also, there, you can watch the news about the main events in the world of music. Every day, a hit-parade of the best songs is presented. Every week, viewers choose the best songs for the hit-parade of a week. And the program “Heheszki” is all about funny videos. 

On Sundays, you can enjoy amazingly filmed programs about the history of music. Every program is devoted to a specific genre, artist, singer, and epoche in music history. 

This Polish music channel offers very varied quality content for all types of viewers. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity.