Those who aren’t ready to sit out a lengthy drama with a twisted plot, but would rather have it sliced and chopped in episodes to enjoy daily, Polish TV Company has selected 5 most highly acclaimed TV series. We’ve included action, crime, war, romance, and comedy genres to develop your instant liking for Polish television online.

Wataha, 2014

Genre: action, crime, drama

An elite team of border guards tries to stop smugglers and illegal immigrants at the Polish-Ukrainian border in Bieszczady mountains. One night, a bomb lands there and kills the whole unit except one officer - captain Wiktor Rebrow. Although heavily wounded, the loss of dear friends and beloved woman strikes even harder. Rebrow is trying to unravel the mystery of the fatal attack while official the prosecution has laid all suspicions on him as the only survivor. In an attempt to clear his name, Captain Rebrow learns the truth behind the bombing and finds himself a victim of someone’s cruel intrigue. The TV-series premiered on 12th October 2014 on HBO channel

Odwroceni, 2007

Genre: action, criminal drama

Odwroceni is a story of two men from different backgrounds: Blacha (Jan Blachowski), a member of the most powerful gang in Warsaw and Paul Sikora, an experienced police officer. The criminal is trying to corrupt the policeman, while the officer attempts to convert the mobster and get him to cooperate. Although both characters are in completely opposite camps, they do share a lot in common: wonderful wives they love tremendously, kids who wait them at home to play together, and the occupations that inevitably affect their families. It’s a dilemma Sikora and Blacha are trapped in together one is torn between his family and loyalty to the gang, another fails to be a responsible father and good policeman at the same time.The ‘converts’ have nothing to do but give up their principles and step on the way of mutual understanding.

Zmiennicy, 1986-1987

Genre: situational comedy

Last work of the legendary polish director Stanislaw Bareja takes us to the times of the People's Republic of Poland. Jacek Żytkiewicz is a driver in a fictional taxi company WPT. He drives in turns a blue taxi cab with his sub Stanisław Lesiak. One day, Jacek becomes a victim of an extraordinary accident: he hits a monument and it collapses on the car. As the result, the blue cab is a write-off and Stanislaw is taken to hospital. At the same time, Kasia Piórecka quits her job of a driver in a small enterprise because of the abuse attempt. She applies for a driver in WPT, but the clerk rejects her explaining that this is a typically male job. Kasia doesn’t give up her intention, disguises as a man, and, finally, becomes employed in WPT. She now goes by the name Marian and becomes Jacek’s new sub. Soon, he Jacek unmasks his new workmate and the plot takes a new exciting turn.

Czas Honoru / Days of Honor

Genre: drama, romance, war

Based on historical events. In 1941, after many months of training in Britain, a group of young Polish officers returns to German-occupied Poland to organize sabotage actions against Nazi troops. The main characters Czesław, Bronek, Janek, Władek, and Michał spy on SS and Gestapo officers, carry out numerous subversive acts and try to sustain permanent resistance in Warsaw. Alongside the main events, the plot also tells stories of the saboteurs’ friend associates and their families. Together, they create refreshingly unexpected turns and suspenseful flow. Days of Honor won 3 Telekamery Awards for Best TV-series in 2012-2014 as well as several prestigious TV awards abroad.

13 Posterunek / Precinct 13

Genre: situational comedy

Precinct 13 is the only police department where all police officers fit each other like a hand in a glove:

  • Commander Władysław Jar - a lover of cigars and his dog Pershing.
  • Policewoman Zofia who is having an affair with the commander Jar and everybody is well aware of it;
  • crazy and full of ideas constable Cezary Cezary;
  • always meticulous constable Kasia who’s madly in love with Cezary;
  • Arnie, a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, not quite intelligent but always ready for action;
  • visually impaired Stępień whose problems with alcohol and his wife seem to never stop;
  • constable Luksus whose top priority is to make impression on everyone, especially women;
  • And prostitute Jola, a frequent visitor of the precinct and the first love of Cezary;

Get ready for amazing punchlines and word plays that will stick in your memory.