If you want to keep up with the latest trends in Polish TV, we’ve prepared the TOP 10 ranked Polish TV shows that are currently on air and available for subscribers of Polish TV Online.

  1. Rolnik szuka żony (The Farmer wants a Wife). Five successful farmers choose their future spouse from a number of city women. Join 5 mln viewers and follow the search of a soulmate in the picturesque Polish countryside. Every Saturday on TVP 1.
  2. Kuchenne rewolucje (Kitchen nightmares). Chef Magdalena Gessler has 4 days to bring revolution to the failing restaurant and make it famous nationwide. The 14th season premiered on September 1 on TVN Style.
  3. The Voice of Poland. Four famous artists make a blind choice of the great voices, form their own teams, and help their trainees win the knock-out stage. The 7th Season premiered on September 7 on TVP HD.
  4. Nasz nowy dom (Our new home). A family has 5 days to renovate their horrible housing conditions into an interior masterpiece under the supervision of a construction manager. Everyday on Polsat Romans and Polsat Cafe.
  5. Twoja twarz brzmi znajomo (Your face looks familiar). Enjoy celebrities impersonating famous music artists of all times. The 6th Season premiered on September 3 on Polsat.
  6. Taniec z gwiazdami (Dancing with the stars). Celebrities compete in a fiery show with a weekly dancing performance. Available on Polsat every Friday and Sunday.
  7. Jaka to melodia? (Guess the melody). Three competitors have 30 seconds to guess 7 famous songs by short fragments. Everyday on TVP.
  8. Piekielna kuchnia (Hell's Kitchen). The show participants do the murderous work in the kitchen of a gastronomic giant Wojciech Modest Amaro. Every Tuesday and Saturday on Polsat.
  9. Kocham Cię, Polsko! (I love you, Poland!). Guest stars compete in teams by solving various quizzes and puzzles on the knowledge of Polish history and culture. Everyday on TVP 2 and TVP Rozrywka.
  10. Agent - gwiazdy (The Mole). 14 participants work together on various challenges to win a significant money prize. One of them is a double-agent, the Mole, who tries to prevent the team from winning the challenge without being revealed. At the end of each episode, the contestants try to define the Mole through the quiz. Watch the game show every Saturday on TVN.