Existing Wi-Fi, high-speed Internet-connection, good hard- and software made possible things which were impossible before. Or, at least, changed them. Take a look, for example, on the way of watching TV nowadays and 10 years before. Earlier everybody understood that watching TV means having a TV-set, antenna and power socket.

Today everything is not so obvious. Watching TV is possible even without TV-set – you need only a laptop, tablet or even smartphone. With special Android apps like Polish TV Company App, you are able to watch favorite channels on a native language without any problems on the way to work, in public transport or while having a walk. If someone would tell you about these opportunities 10 years ago, would you believe it?

But using devices as TV receivers is not the only variant to choose from. If using a TV is better for you, but the usual way of watching it makes you nervous, here are some other useful options:

1. Buy or rent a TV Box

This solution is quite cheap and reliable. Usually TV Boxes work for a long (for example this one) time and are able to provide you with a long list of available channels. A good option for watching TV at home. You need to install it only once and then use it for many years. Just don’t forget to pay for your subscription.

2. Torrent TV

The main advantage of this type of film watching is the possibility to watch TV almost for free. That’s why TV apps that support and use torrent technology are so popular today. But the main minus of this software comes up also because of the free usage. Without paid subscription users have to deal with a limited amount of channels, ads, etc.

3.  IPTV

Or Internet Protocol Television means that you are watching TV directly via the Internet. Such kind of TV lets you to choose channels on your own, to watch video on demand from the catalog and to stay up to date with every favorite show or film. Just type them and watch anytime.

And what type of watching TV do you prefer?