At the end of 2019, all fantasy fans around the world got the present they were really looking for – The Witcher – american&polish tv serial based on the books by Andjey Sabkowski. It‘s interesting but at the very beginning producers and the creative team planned to make a movie but later on switched to the format of the tv show.

The Witcher: Polish TV series

Serial is based on the world's well-known books by Andjey Sabkowski but the first season of The Witcher looks like a free interpretation of some novels like “The last will” or “Hammer destination”. In the second part of the show, producers promise to show the adaptation of the book “Elf’s blood” with some elements from other stories.

The plot

The Witcher tv series polish tells the story of the magician Geralt who kills different harmful and also magical animals and creations for money. But on his way Geralt sees a lot of people fighting and killing each other for no reason. Step by step Geralt comes to the conclusion that sometimes people are worth and eviler than monsters. On the one hand, in all these mass the Witcher should find Ciri – heiress to the throne and one more witch, who can affect the time. On the other hand, Geralt’s beloved Jennifer also has troubles and needs his help.

One more not less interesting character of the polish tv series The Witcher is Dandelion or Yaskir. He is Geralt’s best friend and the person who accompanies the Witcher in all his adventures. One more Yaskir’s mission – is to tell the world about his friend and his feats. In the tv show, viewers will get acquainted with Dandelion in the second episode.

The Witcher’s premier was made in December 2019 on Netflix. Taking into account the success of the first part, creators immediately started planning second part filming which actually started on the 17th of February. The first episode will be officially performed in 2021.

A polish and American tv series based on The Witcher story became really popular. According to the statistic, around 76 million people watched the first part of the story.

The main character of the story Geralt is played by Henry Cavill, Dendalion was created on the screen by Joe Betty, the role of Jennifer went to Anja Charlotta.

The Witcher polish TV show and the reaction of critics

In spite of the fact that fans welcomed the premiere with a bang, not all critics were satisfied with the show. Even Andjey Sabkowski was disappointed with the series but added that creators have the right for the own understanding of the story.

One more interesting fact – the Witcher was filmed with the minimum usage of the computer graphics. It makes the picture really natural and make this show a real competitor for the Game of Thrones.

And what you vote for: The Witcher of Games of Thrones?