In 2012 Polish TV celebrated an important date – 60 years of independent development and history. Today polish TV and film industry grows more and more active and already show good results. For example, this year Polish film has quite high chances to get an Oscar as the best international film 2019.

Let’s look back a bit and find out how Polish TV began its way.

The main dates

The year 1937 – officially TV in Poland was found in 1952 when the first polish TV-program was shown in Poland. But in fact, everything began a bit earlier. In 1937 the first experimental TV channel appeared in Warszawa. This social TV station works until nowadays and is called TVP1.

World War II stopped the development of Polish TV, but after it was finished the new even faster start was made.

1950-s – the first social channels were founded.

The year 1989 – after changing and transformation Polish TV-system was ready for a new period of development – commercial channels. And the first of them started working in 1989.

The year 1990 – in February the monopoly of the governmental TV was broken by the PTV Echo channel broadcast.

The year 1992 (5th February) – the birthday of the polish national commercial channel Polsat, which is online by now.

1990-s – polish TV-industry started implementing digital broadcasting. In 1998 Poland got 2 first digital platforms Wizja TV and Cyfra+.

The years 1993-1994 — Polish National Broadcasting Council started issuing licenses to channels and regulate their work.

Polish TV and modern technologies

TV-industry in Poland actively uses the latest technologies. Satellite television is very widespread in the country (in 2012 almost seven million people in Poland used this type of broadcasting) as well as TV on demand.

In 2013 analog television in Poland was completely replaced by the digital one. First Kabel TV companies started working in the middle of the 1970s. According to the national statistics, in 2012 almost 5 million polish users had Kabel TV at home.

The first IPTV channel Videostrada was launched in 2006.

TOP-5 the most popular Polish TV-shows

"Rolnik szuka żony" (TVP1)

Audience: 3,84 million people.
TV market share: 24.73 percent in the 4+ group and 20.12% in group 16-49

Mam talent!" (TVN)

Audience: 2.9 million people
TV market share: 19.66 percent in group 4+ and 17.53% in group 16-49

"MasterChef" (TVN)

Audience: 2.4 million people
TV market share: 14.68 percent in the 4+ group and 19.38% in group 16-49

"Kuchenne rewolucje" (TVN)

Audience: 2.51 million people
TV market share: 19.20 percent in the 4+ group and 25.51 percent in group 16-49

"The Voice of Poland" (TVP2)

Audience: 2.08 million people
TV market share: 14.35% percent in group 4+ and 15.29 percent in 16-49