History of Polish TV

In 2012 Polish TV celebrated an important date – 60 years of independent development and history. Today polish TV and film industry grows more and more active and already show good results. For example, this year Polish film has quite high chances to get an Oscar as the best international film 2019.

History of Polish TV

Let’s look back a bit and find out how Polish TV began its way.

The main dates

The year 1937 – officially TV in Poland was found in 1952 when the first polish TV-program was shown in Poland. But in fact, everything began a bit earlier. In 1937 the first experimental TV channel appeared in Warszawa. This social TV station works until nowadays and is called TVP1.

Work on the establishment of Polish television was resumed in 1947. The first program - a half-hour edited film - aired on October 25, 1952.

She could be seen on 24 Leningrad TVs in clubs. This date is considered as the birthday of Polish television.

Regular programs started three months later and it was aired only half an hour weekly.

As for organizational formations, in 1958 an editorial office of television programs was established at the Polish Radio, and two years later the television received a separate structure subordinated to the Committee on Radio and Television.

At the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, 7 regional branches of Telewizja Polska were formed with their own studios - TVP Јudџ (1956), TVP Poznaś (1957), TVP Katowice (1957), TVP Wroclaw (1958), TVP Gdaśsk (1959), TVP Szczecin (1960), TVP Kraków (1961).

The first full-fledged and modernly equipped television and radio center opened in Warsaw in 1969. And 2 years later, Polish viewers saw the first color TV programs.

Since 1970, broadcasting has been carried out on two programs. From the beginning, TVP 2 specialized in cultural and entertainment programs. On February 6, 1990, TVP lost its monopoly on television broadcasting in Poland. The first official private television company was called PTV Echo and broadcast to Wroclaw and its environs until 1995. In the 1990s, several powerful private broadcasters emerged at the national level. In 1989–1992, TVP radically changed its information policy and sources of funding, using the experience and material base of state television.

In 1994, TVP became a joint-stock company, forming a network of now 13 terrestrial and one Internet TV channel.

Since 1993, TVP has been a member of the European Broadcasting Union together with Polish Radio.

In 1997, the first TVP thematic channel was launched - Tylko Muzyka, now it is the TVP Kultura channel. The next stages in the development of public television in Poland were the launch of several thematic channels - TVP Sport (2006), TVP Historia (2007), TVP Info (2007), TVP Seriale (2010), TVP Rozrywka (2013), TVP Regionalna (2013), TVP ABC (2014).

In 2008, Telewizja Polska started broadcasting in digital HD quality and in the same year even created a separate TVP HD channel. In 2011, the first thematic Internet channel TVP Parlament was created. Since 2012, TVP1 and TVP2 can be watched in HD quality.

TOP-5 the most popular Polish TV-shows

  1. "Rolnik szuka żony" (TVP1) Audience: 3,84 million people. TV market share: 24.73% in the 4+ group and 20.12% in group 16-49

  2. "Mam talent!" (TVN) Audience: 2.9 million people TV market share: 19.66% in the 4+ group and 17.53% in group 16-49

  3. "MasterChef" (TVN) Audience: 2.4 million people TV market share: 14.68% in the 4+ group and 19.38% in group 16-49

  4. "Kuchenne rewolucje" (TVN) Audience: 2.51 million people TV market share: 19.20% in the 4+ group and 25.51% in group 16-49

  5. "The Voice of Poland" (TVP2) Audience: 2.08 million people TV market share: 14.35% in group 4+ and 15.29% in 16-49