The Best Crime Polish TV Series: What to Watch During the Vacations?

Since its start, Polish cinematography is closely connected with Polish culture and literature. This is one of the distinguishing features of Polish movies until now. This is also one of the reasons why most Polish films are rather specific and are not always commercially attractive.

In Polish films, even the most recent of them, you learn about Polish culture. In most cases, the events are developed in a Polish town. Thus, along with the story, you will learn about the place, culture, etc. This is one of the most valuable parts of Polish cinematography.

Polish crime series of recent years deserve our special attention. The plots are unusual, the characters are deep, and the story is complemented with many details to consider. That`s why Netflix has chosen many of them to stream. As some users believe, Netflix knows exactly what you want to watch right at the moment. 

It happens so because Netflix is a company that makes its choices based on data. Thus, it is not only the plot that is crucial. 

Let us check on the example of a crime movie. For example, Ultraviolet, one of the recent popular movies, is streamed by Netflix. Thus, Netflix gets not only information about how many people started watching the movie. 

The company also gets data about the completion rate. For example, say, 80% of viewers have completed watching the movie. Then, to get a full image, it is needed to know where at which part that 20% stopped watching it and why it has happened. All this information is available to Netflix. 

That`s why you can be sure that if a movie is streamed by Netflix, it is worth watching. This company doesn`t waste a single piece of data or information.

Thus, what about checking top Polish crime movies that were or are streamed by Netflix? We believe they are worth watching indeed.


Zbrodnia PTVC

Photo: Opus Film

This is one of the crime Polish TV series worth watching if you love typical crime series with a mixture of mystery and love. 

All the events are evolving in Hel, a Polish town. Agnieszka, a housewife with two kids, discovers a body on the shoreline. Tomek, a local detective, has to investigate the crime. The events could have evolved like in a usual crime story if Tomek didn`t share some past with Agnieszka, and Agnieszka, in turn, didn`t have some connection to the victim. 

Some users insist that this series is too predictable. However, we cannot admit that alone the crime Polish TV series Boczarska review deserves the top appraisal.

Signs (Znaki)

Signs (Znaki) PTVC

Photo: Netflix

After such a Polish TV series the crime as Ultraviolet had been released, expectations for Polish cinematography grew. Thus, Signs just had to succeed or fail.

Everything happens in a small Polish town. A Chief of Police moves there from Warsaw. There are speculations that he was transferred there because he used to drink, so, it was a kind of punishment. But in the end, we never find out whether it was the truth or just speculation.

The most interesting events start when a woman is killed. The strangest thing is that this crime is exactly like a crime that was committed 10 years ago. 

Thus, the investigation starts. Don`t expect though that the events will unfold like in a usual crime movie. Rather, on the contrary, everybody in the town is silent as if their main target is to not let the crime be investigated. Also, there are a lot of details, just like in the real life of a real detective. 


Ultraviolet PTVC

Photo: Netflix

Ola Serafin returns from London to her native town Lodz. Thus, all the events of the crime TV series Polish unfold there. The young woman starts working for a service, something like Uber. After dropping a client, she returns home when she becomes a witness of a supposedly a suicide. However, Ola has reasons to believe that it was actually a murder.

The police insist on the version of suicide and reject investigating the crime. In the search for the truth, Ola finds the Ultraviolet group. They are investigating the crimes rejected by the police. The Ultraviolet members make it in a very specific way: they collect data from social networks.

The Woods

The Woods PTVC

Photo: Netflix

This TV series the crime Polish tells us about a story that happened in a summer camp in 1994. Four kids went to the woods and never came back.

Many years after the event, a prosecutor Pawel Kopinski was contacted by a detective regarding a murder victim. Kopinski realizes that the unidentified body can actually be the body of a kid who was missing many years ago. 

Besides, Kopinski realizes that his sister, who was also missing, might be still alive if her body hasn`t been found yet. 

At the same time, Kopinski is prosecuting two men. They are accused of rape. When the father of one of the accused threatens Kopinski and insists that he shall leave the case, this TV series the crime Polish 2020 becomes even more engaging. 

In this movie, we face a lot of dilemmas and choices. How far can a person go to protect his family and life? How influential are the ghosts from the past? Can all the present events can be in some way connected to that crime that happened many years ago and if anything can be improved? 

This movie is trying to reply to all these questions. If you like watching something deep, intriguing, even, we would say, psychological, this is a movie for you.

Mafia Women (Kobiety mafii)

Mafia Women (Kobiety mafii) PTVC

Photo: Amazon

This is a story about women. A police officer, a woman, goes undercover to penetrate a powerful mafia family and destroy their circle. 

The film is not only about her. It is about women who are somehow connected with the mafia circle: wives and daughters of mafiosos. Mafia Women also shows how difficult it is for them to adapt. 

All in all, we would say that the movie`s intent was to show strong women. Yeah, if it can be considered “strong” that the main character, the cop-lady, goes undercover for weeks dancing pole, sleeping with suspects, even killing in the same relentless way just like the people do against whom she is supposed to fight, then, she succeeded. 

Moreover, just somewhere in the end, we learn from a phone conversation that she has a family: a kid and a husband who is going to divorce her.

While this line is somehow exaggerated, we would say that the film makes that shocking effect on which the director, probably, has counted. 

The Plagues of Breslau (Plagi Breslau)

The Plagues of Breslau (Plagi Breslau) PTVC

Photo: Netflix

This is one of the most impressive polish thrillers. This opinion is shared in all the crime Polish TV series review posts.

The movie is about a series of murders. For those who know Polish history, The Plagues of Breslau is full of secret messages.

Thus, Breslau is an old name of Wroclaw. Thus, the crimes were, most likely, committed by a maniac who refers somehow to the past. All the crimes are committed at 6 p.m. And all of them are performed in a very specific way.

Helena Rus, a local detective, isn`t able to investigate the crimes alone. Thus, Iwona Bogacka is sent to assist her colleague. 

You might insist that the plot isn`t that original. However, what makes the movie unique is the fact that Helena and Iwona are fighting not only against the maniac. They are fighting also with all those chauvinists that surround them every way. Such chauvinists their domination for granted. However, those are not those who solve the crime.

The Mire

The Mire PTVC

Photo: Netflix

This is not the deepest Polish crime movie but at the very end, you might want something just to relax instead of thinking about eternal values. 

It is typical for Polish crime movies to show a calm Polish town that suddenly is shuttered by a violent crime or even crime series. 

The Mire isn`t an exception. After a violent murder of a prostitute, the town cannot live its normal life anymore. Even though the murder is initially declared to be committed by the prostitute`s boyfriend, some other deaths are discovered. While everybody tries to keep things calm, a news editor and an experienced reporter start their investigation. 

In The Mire, you will not find something unexpected or super-deep. Nevertheless, this is a good movie to keep you entertained while being busy with your daily activities. 

Final Thoughts

Polish crime films are unique in the regard that their plot is not only about a crime and its investigation. Polish films raise other issues: personal, social, even global ones. There, questions are asked that frequently do not have a single reply. In the very end, all of them are filmed in the unique environment of Polish society. Thus, you are welcomed to choose the best Polish movies if you value not only typical crime plots but depth and moments that make you think.