4th of May the whole world celebrates the Day of Star Wars. These movies and stories became really legendary. Fans for sure know all facts and interesting features about their favorite characters. But we are sure that there is still something you don't know about. So, here are 5 facts you definitely haven't heard about Star Wars by now.

1. Yoda was played by the monkey

Yes. yes, you have read everything right. In the first films in the early stages of the production process, our favorite Yoda was played by a real monkey. Later the monkey was replaced by the green character we all know and love.

2. Hand made things

The budget of different Star Wars episodes was quite different. For example, the price of A new hope production was $13 million. The Last Jedi was way more expensive - $250 million. That's why a lot of things which were shown in A new hope were made by the production group working on the film.

3. Another ending

They say, that The Last Jedi, in principle, could get another ending. George Lucas was thinking about the idea that Luke could become Vader after removing his helmet.

4. Yoda again and again

It's interesting but the number of Yoda's toes differs. For example, in the Phantom Menace he has 3 fingers, but in the episode Return of the Jedi, for example, already 4.

5. Harrison Ford almost has lost the role of Han Solo

Creators of the film were ready to offer Burt Reynolds or Jack Nicolson to play Han Solo. But finally, this role went to Harrison Ford and we know that he did it the best way.

Photos: https://www.starwars.com