Polish TV Company is a global provider of high-quality television services online. With over 100 channels our subscribers can watch Polish television on tv-set, computer, phone or tablet. Moreover, our customers can choose a personalized service that meets their needs in the best possible way. More and more people join us each day after starting with our free trial. Learn why!

Here are the main reasons why our customers from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia use services of Polish TV Company

People watching Polish TV online from around the world

#1 Watch Polish TV from any device

Agnieszka, 30 years old, Chicago, IL - 10 years ago I came to the US from Poland to study and I am still living in the US. My first years in the US were very difficult because I felt like I didn’t have much contact with Poland. I was always searching for Polish content on the internet. A few years ago I learnt about Polish TV Company. Today, I feel closer to my country because I can watch Polish TV anywhere especially on my phone when I commute to work.

#2 Unlimited access to movies and channels

Andrzei, 42 years old, Toronto, CA - I moved to Canada with my wife long ago. We always spoke Polish in our home and we are part of the Polish community in our city. We found out about the services and instantly applied for a free trial. We are using Polish TV for a year now. We are especially happy with an excessive movie library where we can watch our favourite Polish movies.

#3 Multiplatform functions

Alex, 35 years old, London, UK - My wife and I moved to the UK because of my work. We have two small children. Our friend referred to us Polish TV Company, and we have been very happy with the services. Besides many features, we are happy with educational programs for our children in Polish. It is like we never moved from Poland.

#4 Watch channels online and without delay

Bogdan, 26 years old, Hamburg, Germany - I have an aunt in Hamburg, so I moved there to complete the studies. I was very excited to see Polish channels in her home. I like it the most that I can watch channels without delay on my phone and keep up with all my favourite programs using mobile app myPTVC.

#5 Delayed streaming

Marta, 49 years old, Adelaide, Australia -My husband and I moved to Australia with our children ten years ago. It is hard to be far away from our country but we subscribed for Polish TV Company and we feel closer to home watching our TV. I personally like delayed streaming and scheduling of the shows. I can set the streaming to a convenient time and watch in our time zone.

This is an overview of the opinions of our happy customers. Try Polish TV for free and tell us about our experience.

Have a nice time! Watch your favourite Polish TV in America, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia, wherever you are!