Polish national TV started active development before World War II. In 1935 the first Institute responsible for the radio and TV broadcast. First TV channel was opened in 1938 and with a trial period. According to the plans, first full-fledged should be organized in 1941 but the war destroyed everything,

New page of the Polish National TV history was opened in 1947. Now Polish TV is one of the most developed in the world. According to the official statistics, there are more than 40 national and commercial TV channels that work with different types of content and audiences.

In spite of the channel amount, there are 4 the most popular channels most widespread in Poland.


Polish commercial TV channel was founded in 1997 by two Polish businessmen. Nowadays TVN is the part of the biggest media company ITI Group. Since March 2018 TVN became a part of the Discovery subsidiary. TVN is available by satellite, cable television and terrestrial TV. Channel supports the idea of Hybrid Broadcast BroadBand TV which means using the same interface for all TV boxes.

TVP 2 (Telewizja Polska 2)

Was launched in October 1970. This channel mostly broadcast entertaining content, including historical documentaries, games, talks shows, comedy stand ups etc. Previously channels broadcasting was held in 2 variants – SD and HD. Currently TVP2 uses only HD format.

Apart from ordinary broadcasting TVP 2 also is available online. The program of TVP2 online is mostly concentrated on films, TV-shows, various concerts and music performances.

Telewizja Polska 24

New word in the Polish TV world, created in 2016. Back then a group of journalists created an Internet channel named Telewizja Polska 24. The main content is made for people who wanted to be involved and informed in the political, cultural and social life of the country.