Our company provides a full guaranteed service for all buyers of a media player. This means a full refund during 14 days from the buying date.

Polish TV Company

The return of products

The main condition for the successful device return is its presence in brand-new condition. By this we mean the original package with all additional cables, accessories and technical documentation. Otherwise, the buyer will be charged a restocking fee of $ 25. This $ 25 will be used to give the device in an authentic look.

We have the right to refuse the return request in case of non-compliance with the above conditions. Then the buyer must pay the Return shipping cost.

During 10 working days, the buyer will get a full amount of money back (including all funds for sending), if all the above mentioned requirements are fullfiled by him.

The process of return’s initiating. If less than 14 days have passed since you have bought the product, send your device to the below mentioned address

Polish TV Company Returns

1404 Avenue Z

Brooklyn, NY 11235

If you bought the device and 14 days and more have passed since then, you can expect a full return of money if you agreed that these fees will be taken from your refund amount:

  • Restocking fee in amount of $ 25
  • $ 10 monthly, since the purchase of Company’s product

Here is the example for better understanding. It's been 4 months since the buying, and it was paid $ 119.99 for the device. In this case, you can expect a refund of $ 119.99 - ($ 25 + 4 x $ 10) = $ 54.99

Replacement or repair

Please contact us immediately after you have bought the device and found a defect, call: +1.718.713.8484

Polish TV Company will fix or fully change your device in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty service policy.