If you want to know everything about music, you can use two different options – to search for info on the Internet or watch musical TV channels. The second variant is way more comfortable – you can work, do some sport or cook and listen to your favorite music and get some interesting news.

Polish Music TV channels are popular in the world

Maybe this is the reason why musical channels become more and more popular nowadays in many countries. And Poland is not an exception. So, what musical channels do polish fans watch the most?

According to the latest researches made in 2018-2019, the most popular polish musical channel is Polo TV with 0,67% audience share. This channel mostly broadcasts musical products created by Lemon Records. Firstly Polo TV appeared on the Internet in April 2011 and then formal broadcasting was also added.

The second popular polish musical channel is Eska TV. It was found in 2008 and belongs to pay-TV.

And the third place goes to the Disco Polo Music channel with 0,12% audience share. By the way, the special genre of music named Disco Polo is now well-known all over the world but it was invented in Poland in the late 1980s. In general, Disco Polo is a piece of urban folk music with some special features like simple music, folk musical motives and melodramatic lyrics with stories about unhappy love. Disco Polo is quite popular in Poland nowadays and is included in broadcasting programs of almost all local polish music channels.