In 2020, we have had many interesting Polish premieres. Among them, some great action movies and dramas like Psy 3 and the much-talked-of Broad Peak, as well as a few comedies. There have also appeared numerous interesting entertainment programs on TV. In this article, we do not limit ourselves to any specific genre or form and will talk about some great entertainment films, outstanding artistic pictures, and the most popular television programs. Read on to discover the best Polish films and TV shows in 2020.

1. Jak zostałem gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa, directed by Maciej Kawulski

Based on the true story of a man who leads a violent life. He values power, adrenaline, and money the most, and the only people he cares about are his beloved woman and best friend. As the transformation process begins in Poland, his gangster talent rises to a whole new level. The new film by Maciej Kawulski aims to show the true face of Polish mafia. The cast included Marcin Kowalczyk, Tomasz Włosok, Natalia Szroeder, Jan Frycz, Janusz Chabior, Adam Woronowicz, Natalia Siwiec, Józef Pawłowski, Mateusz Nędza, Waldemar Kasta, Piotr Rogucki, and Anna Krotoska. The premiere took place on January 3, 2020.

Photo: NEXT FILM press materials

2. Psy 3. W imię zasad, directed by Władysław Pasikowski

The great return of one of the most famous and iconic films of Polish cinema. Franz Maurer leaves prison after 25 years spent there. The protagonist collides with Polish reality, which is completely different from the one in which he once lived. Soon on his way, he meets Nowego again. The film by Władysław Pasikowski features Bogusław Linda, Cezary Pazura, Marcin Dorociński, Sebastian Fabijański, Tomasz Schuchardt, Mirosław Baka, and Jan Frycz. The premiere took place on January 17, 2020.

Photo: Kino Świat press materials

3. Mayday, directed by Sam Akina

This is a Polish comedy about Janek Kowalski who leads a double life. The hero is the husband of two women who have no idea about each other’s existence. One day he has an unexpected accident. Bandits start chasing him, and a relentless policeman is in hot pursuit of him. In an act of desperation, Janek decides to set off on a journey with his old friend. The cast included, among others, Piotr Adamczyk, Anna Dereszowska, Weronika Książkiewicz, Andrzej Grabowski, Ewa Kasprzyk, and Tomasz Oświeciński. The premiere was scheduled for January 31, 2020.

Photo: Kino Świat press materials

4. Prawdziwe życie aniołów, directed by Artur Więcek

The English translation for the film title is ‘Real Life of Angels’. This is the latest picture by Artur Więcek, in which we will get to know a story inspired by the life of Krzysztof Globisz. The actor of the Stary National Theater suffered a major stroke in 2014. In the film production, the hero’s name is Adam — a respected actor who, after a sudden stroke, loses contact with reality and the most important tool in his industry which is speech. Adam’s wife, however, does not lose hope and fights with determination to bring her husband back to health. The cast, alongside Krzysztof Globisz, included Kinga Preis, Michał Majnicz, Jerzy Trela, Anna Dymna, and others. The premiere of the film took place in February 2020.

Photo: Kino Świat press materials

5. Broad Peak, directed by Leszek Dawid

The film is a world-class production on a grand scale, presenting the true story of Maciej Berbek and Tomasz Kowalski. In this picture by Leszek Dawid, we can see with our own eyes a winter expedition to the top of Broad Peak which took place in 2013. During the descent from the massif, the climbers did not manage to return to the camp overnight, which forced them to stay in extreme conditions. Kowalski died of exhaustion and a cold, and Berbeka’s body was never found. The legendary Polish climber was posthumously awarded the Order of Polonia Restituta by President Bronisław Komorowski. Ireneusz Czop plays him in the film, and Maciej Raniszewski plays Tomasz Kowalski. In the other roles, we can see Maja Ostaszewska (Berbeka’s wife), Dawid Ogrodnik (Adam Bielecki), Łukasz Simlat (Krzysztof Wielicki), Piotr Głowacki (Aleksander Lwow), Tomasz Sapryk (Andrzej Zawada), and Maciej Kulig (Artur Małek). The premiere took place in March 2020.

Photo by Dariusz Załuski — Leszek Dawid and Janusz Julo Sus in Karakorum: Wikipedia materials

Since so many great TV shows have appeared this year, we decided to include the best of them to our list. Check out below the top television programs broadcast by TVN, POLSAT, and TVP in 2020:

6. Hotel Paradise on TVN7

Some people say that this show replaces Love Island. Wyspa miłości run by model Karolina Giloń for a while. The new program is indeed based on the principles that are similar to those of the famous British format Love Island. The TV show was recorded on a beautiful and hot island of Bali. This is where participants stay in a luxury hotel and pair up. The main prize in the Paradise Hotel program is PLN 100,000. In this reality show, Model Klaudia El Dursi plays the role of the host.

Photo: TVN press materials

7. 8 wspaniałych on TVP

Since the spring, TVP has broadcast a new entertainment program, in which a group of 40-year-olds will undergo metamorphoses, enabling them to change their current lives. The participants are single men aged 38 to 49. Under the supervision of specialists, they will change their appearance and improve their manners. These measures are needed to help them find the chosen one of their dreams. It is reported that this program is the male counterpart of the well-known TV production — Projekt Lady.

The role of the host is played by Marta Manowska, who gained popularity in the program Rolnik szuka żony (The Farmer Wants a Wife).

Photo: TVP press materials

8. Dance, dance, dance 2 on TVP

It was expected! After the impressive victory of the actors from in the first finale of the program, the next season of the dance show is now back. At the end of February, six couples started performing on stage. In the second season of the program, however, there were slight changes among the hosts and the jury. Ewa Chodakowska and Barbara Kurdej-Satan said goodbye to the program.

Who will dance in the second edition of Dance, Dance, Dance?

  • Katarzyna Stankiewicz with Anna Stankiewicz

  • Pamela Stefanowicz and Mateusz Janusz

  • Anna Karczmarczyk and Mateusz Łapka

  • Małgorzata Tomaszewska and Aleksander Sikora

  • Rafał Mroczek and Przemysław Cypryański

  • Rafał Jonkisz and Krzysztof Jonkisz.

Photo: TVP press materials

9. Szlak nadziei on TVP1

Announcing the new production, TVP representatives explained that it would be a program combining history and the present. But it is not everything! The new reality show is also pure survival and an excellent adventure, all under the patronage of historical heroes.

What is this TV show about? Szlak nadziei is a program that has debuted on TVP1 in March this year. The main goal of the TV show is to follow the route taken by the soldiers of the Anders’ Army almost 80 years ago. Following in the footsteps of ancient heroes, the program leader and participants will go deep into the Siberian taiga.

The TV show participants were selected in castings, and these are the people who will follow the historic route:

  • Jan Kuźmiński,

  • Katarzyna Dereń,

  • Małgorzata Pasternak,

  • Jacek Jaraszek,

  • Rafał Spychalski,

  • Sławomir Chryniewicz.

The program is conducted by Ida Nowakowska. The broadcast of the first part of the TV show was scheduled for March 1, 2020.

Photo: TVP1 press materials

10. Dancing with the Stars on Polsat

This program does not need any introduction! For many years the television show Dancing with the Stars has attracted thousands of viewers in front of TV sets. It is in this dance show that Polish stars try their hand at the dance floor. In this year’s edition of the program, the following artists will participate in the show:

  • Julia Wieniawa

  • Edyta Zając

  • Sylwia Lipka.

The first episode of the popular show was broadcast on March 6, 2020.

Photo: Polsat press materials

During the quarantine, which is still taking place in some countries, we have a lot of free time that can be used in different ways. One of them is catching up on domestic productions that we have not had the opportunity to see for various reasons. Make good use of your spare time and check out our above list of top 10 Polish films and TV shows that you can find online on various streaming platforms.