We are excited to announce that myPTVC – the official Android application of Polish TV Company – now on Google Play! The app allows users to subscribe and watch Polish TV Service from a mobile device. There is no need to log in from a computer or turn on your TV to watch and renew your service plan anymore. myPTVC makes it easier and faster to enjoy Polish TV on the go!

myPTVC app has prepared various benefits for not only already loyal customers but also for new members of the family willing to watch their favorite Polish channels:

  1. Free 3-day trial
  2. Over 20 Polish channels in high quality
  3. Various payment options including credit cards
  4. Auto-payment function
  5. Simplicity in installation and watching
  6. Multiple channel categories: News, Movies, Sports, TV Series, Shows, Kids Programs and more
  7. Vast movie library
  8. Live or delayed streaming
  9. Quick service cancellation with no contract obligation!

Download myPTVC application here!