Technologies and their improvement – are the main topics of discussions during the last years. In the past we couldn’t even imagine that one-day voice assistants will be common, we will live in smart houses and get any information with just one click.

Multiscreen solutions

In a one-word, technologies changed everything. And also the way we watch TV. Nowadays we can not just follow the TV-program of this or that channel but also choose what we want to watch in this particular minute on our own. TV on demand becomes more and more widespread as long as multiscreen solutions – one of the biggest trends which allows you to watch the content you like whenever and wherever it’s needed. Let’s take a closer look at the perspectives of multiscreen solutions.


What does it look like?Even less than 100 years ago people had only several sources of information – newspapers, radio, and TV-set. At the same time, TVs were so rare in the very beginning, that a lot of families could only dream to have at least one. And those lucky ones who had it, almost every evening were getting all together near the `blue screen”.

But times changed and now we have an opportunity to watch everything we want not only on TV but also on smartphones, laptops, tablets and sometimes even on the fridge (have you seen those new fridges with TVs :)).

This is what real multiscreen solutions mean. Just imagine the situation – now you watch your favorite talk show on TV in the early morning while drinking coffee. The program will end in half an hour but you should leave in 10 minutes. 20 years ago you had no opportunity to continue watching on the way to work. But now multiscreen solutions allow you to do so. You just need to log in to the TV app on your smartphone or tablet and watch from the place you stopped in the car or public transport.

So one more time: multiscreen allows you to watch TV on every available for your device.

- on common TV

- in browser

- on smartphone/tablet

How multiscreen develop in the world?

According to science prognosis, multiscreen solutions have a very prospective future. Forecasts say that by 2022 half of all households in the world will have smart home devices, It means, multiscreen will also become even more popular.

The good sign, that multiscreen works, is that it is commonly used by big world companies and winners of the market. For example, different multiscreen solutions were already implemented by Apple, Facebook, and Netflix.

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