The world of news, art, fashion and traveling is always backed by journalists and talented TV hosts. They discover new trends, popularize views and ideas so that many people can access important and urgent information. We present famous Polish TV hosts you will definitely come across on Polish television online.

Tomasz Lis

Journalist and news presenter

Polish television journalist, publicist, guide and reporter. Throughout 1997- 2004 Tomasz was a news correspondent for TVP in the United States. He is a former co-author and Editor-in-Chief of news programs including ‘Fakty TVN’, ‘’Wydarzenia”, ‘Wprost’, and ‘Newsweek Polska’. Tomasz ran major news programs on TVP, TVN, and Polsat. Tomasz won several prestigious awards in journalism and television: nine Wiktor awards, three ‘Journalist of the Year, two-time winner of the Telekamery competition.

Beata Pawlikowska

Radio host, music and travel programs.

Beata Pawlikowska has many artistic souls: she is a writer, traveler, journalist, translator, photographer, book illustrator. She hosted her own music and travel programs on radio Koszalin, PR3, Zet, Online-radio Baobab, Polish channels TVP, TVP3, and TVP4. Beata is the author of an adventure reality show ”Zdobywcy” on TPV1 and TPV2. In 2003, she took first place in two categories of the Media poll: radio personality “Zdobywcy Eteru 2003“ and ”Perełki radiowe".

Dorota Warakomska

Dorota Warakomska is a media adviser, television journalist, and commentator on international events. Over the years, she has been associated with Polish Television, reporting on domestic and foreign political and economic events, and a permanent correspondent for TVP in the United States. Current deputy director of TVP1.

Awarded with the Golden Cross of Merit by President Aleksander Kwasniewski.

Dorota Warakomska is the spokeswoman for the Women's Congress and the head of the Polish Professional Women Network (PWNet).

Maciej Orłoś

Actor, journalist, television presenter, record holder in the category “the longest running television news program in Poland after 1989”. Most recognizable as the host of “Teleexpress”, with whom he has been associated since 1991.

In addition to the regular hosting of “Teleexpress”, Maciej Orłoś is a co-creator of the program cycles “Oko w oko” and “A to Polska właśnie!”. He is also the main host of cultural TV shows “Trochę kultury”, “Pociągu do kultury”, “Przyjaciele” (devoted to the disabled) and “Zabawy językiem polskim”. In September 2008 - July 2009, Maciej ran a quiz-show “300 procent normy”. In the years 2001-2007 he reported the voting results of Polish Eurovision contest. Currently, Maciej runs program “Nie ma jak Polska” together with Anna Karna's.