This summer's sporting events brought a lot of pride for Polish athletes. If we’ve caught you on the attempt to remember other notable representatives of your nation, here are some remarkable Polish Americans that have made this world better with their achievements in art.

Famous Polish Americans


  1. Warner Brothers, entrepreneurs.
    The eponymous world famous film studio was founded by in 1923 by four brothers: Albert, Harry, Sam, and Jack L. Warner. Together, they made a huge contribution to the development of the film industry and presented the world with such legendary film series as The Matrix, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and The Dark Knight.

  2. Steve Carell, an actor.
    Steve's most remarkable acting was the role of Michael Scott on the American version of The Office. Steve has also performed the lead roles in the comedy films The Forty Year Old Virgin (2005), Evan Almighty (2007), Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), and The Way, Way Back (2013).

  3. Peter Falk, a super actor.
    ‘Oh my Gosh, I know him!’ The famous Lieutenant Columbo from Columbo TV Series that ran from 1968-2003. This role brought Peter 4 Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. He was also nominated twice for an Academy Award for Best Supported Role in Murder, Inc.(1960) and Pocketful of Miracles (1961).

  4. Stanley Kubrick, film director and photographer (1928 - 1999).
    One of the most influential film directors of the previous century, Stanley put to films such famous novels as ‘Lolita’ (1962), ‘2001. A Space Odyssey’ (1968), ‘A Clockwork Orange’ (1971), and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ (1999). Kubrick’s works were regularly nominated for prestigious movie awards like Best Motion Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Director, but he only won one Oscar for Best Special Visual Effects for ‘2001. A Space Odyssey’ and several British Academy Film Awards: Best British Film (Dr. Strangelove, 1965), Best Screenplay (‘A Clockwork Orange’, 1971), and Best Direction (‘Barry Lyndon’, 1977).

  5. Max Weber, greatest Expressionist (1881 – 1961).
    Originally from BiaƂystok, which later became the part of the Russian Empire, In 1891, the family and emigrated to the US where he became one of the first Cubist artists. Weber’s paintings are represented in over 20 galleries and art museums worldwide. His most famous work, Chinese Restaurant (1915), is included in collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

  6. Dick Dale (born Richard Anthony Monsour ) also known as The King of the Surf Guitar.
    Dick was the first to introduce surf rock, a subgenre of rock music that was extremely popular in the 60s. His single ‘Misirlou’ plays in the opening credits to the Tarantino’s greatest - ‘Pulp Fiction’.