Dear friends,

Everyone's favorite holiday soon will come! 

A day where you can be whoever you want to be, and the more scary your costume is, the more candy you bring home.

We offer you to plunge into the festive atmosphere and watch the whole family our selection of movies for Halloween!


The Addams Family 2 2021

What could be scarier than two naughty children in the house? Especially if it's the Addams kids! To calm down the teenagers, the creepy family goes on vacation. Will this trip unite them or will it bring even more trouble?

Coraline 2009

Coraline goes to the new reality, where her parents are completely different, caring, and very talented, neighbors are interesting and sociable, and her best friend accompanies her on adventures. But this world is not as kind as it seems. Everything that is happening is the work of a witch who wants Coraline to stay in this new world forever.

Monster House 2006

A group of children discovers a scary house with a strange inhabitant, where mystical events take place. The house does not like new guests who are trying to uncover a sinister secret and he is trying to get rid of the children. 

Hotel Transylvania 

The story is about a family of monsters and their magical creatures, friends who lead an ordinary life until a new guest appears in their hotel - a real person. A funny story about vampires, werewolves, and other creatures.

Ghostbusters 2016

A story about ghostbusters in a new way. This time there are only girls in the brave team, and their tests are no less difficult! The girls will have to overcome the fight with spirits and ghosts to survive and save people.

We wish you an interesting and enjoyable Halloween!