Dear friends, on the eve of Veterans Day, the Polish TV Company congratulates you on this memorable holiday. For you, we have prepared TOP-5 patriotic films to spend this weekend with the family. Let these stories of courage and struggle inspire you.

Forrest Gump (Released: 1994)


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The cult film by Robert Zemeckis about Forrest Gump still does not leave us indifferent. Despite the obstacles and difficulties, Forest managed to find friends, love, and recognition from his comrades. Having tried himself in the role of an athlete, military man, and even an entrepreneur, he reminds us that humanity and loyalty to the Fatherland are more important than recognition and money. Let's once again remember the amazing life of this eccentric man with an open heart. 

Saving Private Ryan (Released: 1998)


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Private James Francis Ryan defends his homeland in battle during World War II. However, tragic events befell his family: the command receives the news of the death of his three siblings. Now saving Jayme is an important goal of senior management, because an unflattering mother awaits him. On behalf of the command, the rescue team is ready to sacrifice their lives in search of Private Ryan. Will they be able to find the private alive, and how will he react to the demobilization order?

Dear John (Released: 2011)


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This deep romantic melodrama is based on the book by Nicholas Sparks and tells the love story of American soldier John Tyree and beautiful Savannah Curtis. The young people immediately liked each other, but already two weeks later, John is tiredly returning to the army. The reunion seems close, and in the meantime, the lovers agree to write to each other. But the September 11 events change their fate again. Filled with feelings of valor and patriotism, John and his comrades remain in the army for a second term. What difficulties can two lovers encounter on the way, and will they be able to keep love during the time and distance?

Captain America: The First Avenger (Released: 2011)

Captain America

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A favorite story of many Marvel Comics fans. US Army officer Steve Rogers has always dreamed of both valor and courage. Therefore, he agreed to take part in Dr. Erskine's experiment to test a new serum for super-soldiers. This is how Steve became known as Captain America. The first task of the superhero is to fight the Nazis and their reconnaissance unit Hydra. Will he be able to complete the task, and what adventures will Captain America meet on the way? We are confident that the exciting and dynamic storyline will not let you go until the last minute.

Greyhound (2020)


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1942, the first days of US participation in World War II. Continental Europe is imprisoned by Nazi fighters. Deliveries of goods and food by air have been suspended. The way of salvation is the waters of Antarctica. This is the story and battles at sea and in the soul of Ernst Krause - the new captain of the US Navy destroyer "Greyhound". How to deliver cargo to the shores of Britain and avoid enemy traps? After all, this is Krause's first voyage to the warship

Dear friends, the Polish TV Company wishes you an unforgettable Veterans Day weekend in the family circle