Dexter (season 9) 2021 | USA


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What millions of people around the world are waiting for. Dexter's return to the screen. A completely different atmosphere, but the crimes remain just as sophisticated. The main character continues to punish the villains, but his mental state becomes more unstable.

Money Heist (season 5) 2021 | Spain



We've been waiting for this hit! Continuation of the story of the Spanish group of robbers under the guidance of the genius Professor. Will the heroes overcome new challenges? Will they be able to take control of their emotions? We will see in new episodes.

Lucifer (season 6) 2021 | USA


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The seductive Lucifer returns to punish the demons and protect her beloved. Continuation of this story in the new season of the series. We are in for sarcastic humor and hot scenes.

Grey’s Anatomy (season 18) 2021 | USA


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Doctors face life and death, hatred and love, truth and lies every day. Complicated relationships, passion, along with the difficult everyday life of surgeons. This series is definitely one of the best ever.

The Witcher (season 2) 2021 | USA\PL



Continuation of a fantasy series based on a book by a Polish author. A warrior with a magical gift fights against the forces of darkness and tries to save his beloved. All this takes place during a war between the kingdoms, where the hero has to fight against unbelievable monsters.

Kruk. Czorny Woron nie spi (season 2) 2021 | PL


Source: Kultura

Adam Kruk inspector of the criminal division, after a few years, returns to the city where he grew up. He will face not only complex crimes but also his dark past, which has many secrets. The thriller has already appealed to many Polish people, so we were looking forward to the continuation of the series.

Loki 2021 / USA


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Finally revealed the identity of everyone's favorite mystery villain from Marvel!

The cunning hero travels through time and changes the events of the past, while he must cooperate with the Organization of the time change, which intends to direct Loki to the way of good.

Riverdale (Season 6) 2021 | USA

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Investigations are underway into mysterious accidents in the city of Riverdale, along with fantastically horrifying events. The adaptation of the comic book was a great success, and the directors do not think to stop making new seasons.

Przyjaciolki ( Season 18 ) 2021 | PL


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A story about girls, their personal lives, friendship, love, disappointments, betrayal, career. A comic and romantic story that has no end.

Gossip Girl 2021 / USA


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Continuation of the series, which once became a cult among young people.

In the elite New York school after many years returns "Gossip Girl" - an anonymous source of rumors about the private lives of students.