The year 2021 can be called the leader in terms of the number of film premieres. 

This is also due to the fact that many of them were transferred last year. The films are so interesting and exciting that it will be difficult to choose a favorite, but we have prepared for you the 10 most anticipated in our opinion premieres:




Source: Kino News

The third film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, which is one of the most popular works in the world of science fiction.

In the distant future, people are fighting for the extraction of valuable resources, which are located on one of the most dangerous planets. The young heir of the dynasty has to run and face incredible challenges to prove that he deserves to be the one…

The Matrix 4  Resurrection


Source: Warner Bros

The fourth part of a science fiction action movie that has become a classic of cinema. 

Not only the audience will have to remember the plot of previous films after so many years, but the characters themselves are forced to remember each other and their past.

Open your eyes

open you

Source: Kino Krad

Where are the dreams and where is the reality? A young girl is being treated in a psychiatric clinic and begins to doubt the methods of treating her illness. Maybe she is healthy and her strange dreams are a consequence of medications?



Source: IMDb

The story of her life has always interested and aroused the admiration and compassion of millions of people. Three difficult days in the life of Princess Diana, when she decides to divorce. The main role in the film is played by Kristen Stewart.

House of Gucci


Source: MARCA

At the center of the events is the murder of Maurizio Gucci, which has received colossal publicity. There were a lot of intrigues, lies, and scandals around this story. The personal relationships of one of the most famous families in the fashion world and the search for the truth, when there are so many falsehoods around - that's what this film is about.

Fast and Furious 9


Source: Kg Portal

It seems that speed lovers will never be able to have a peaceful life because criminals, driven by a thirst for revenge and profit, are not going to stop. 

The team will have to come together again to win a new battle.

Leave No Traces


Source: Variety

The events take place in Poland in 1983, when martial law is still in effect in the country, and the authorities are creating lawlessness. Then the police killed Grzegorz Przemyk. And a young friend of the murdered man dares to testify in court against the police.

Spider-Man. No Way Home


Source: Screen Rant

When the identity of Spider-Man is revealed, a huge danger hangs over him, his friends, and his family. According to the hero, only Doctor Strange can help, but what consequences will this decision lead to?!

The Last Duel 


Source: Screen Rant

A medieval thriller, with incredibly beautiful pictures, costumes, and talented acting.The history of the last judicial joust in the history of Europe.

And attempts to defend the honor of his family.



Source: Deadline

Marvel heroes that we haven't seen on the screens yet. And on the earth, for the inhabitants of which they looked after for thousands of years, no one knew about them. But the alien guardians will have to come out of the shadows to protect the earth from the impending danger.