Over the past few years, serials have become much more popular than entertainment programs, YouTube channels, and even movies. Polish serials are gaining popularity all over the world and we would like to share with you some of them released in 2020-2021:

Angel of Death 2020


Source: Spikey Bits

The events of the series take place in the Polish city of Opole, police Commissioner Agnieszka Polkowska is investigating the brutal murder of a girl, which occurred according to the assumption of the investigation for religious reasons. The girl will have to face something mysterious and very dangerous.

Ludzie i bogowie 2020


Source: IMDb

The series takes place in occupied Warsaw during the Second World War. A military group called “Pazur” is engaged in reconnaissance and elimination of opponents. For the most part, the story tells about two members of this group , their biographies, life events and internal experiences.

The King 2020


Source: Film Nova

This series tells about the confrontation of socialism and nationalism in pre-war times in Poland. What was actually the attitude towards Jews in the country and what became the reasons for the military coup in Poland? About this and much more in the wonderful historical series “The King”.

The Woods 2020


Source: IMDb

Many years ago, in a quiet camp in mysterious circumstances, a young couple of people witnessed the bloody murder of several people. But the police found only two bodies. Many years later, they decide to find out what happened and where the bodies disappeared. 

Sexify 2021


Source: You Tube

The new show has already gained a scandalous reputation. The story tells about three students who decided to take part in the competition for the best start-up. Their main idea is to create an application that will help women discover their sexuality, learn more about the female body and the secrets of orgasm. To do this, the girls must first try everything themself.

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