If you want to watch something with your family members, friends, or even alone, you want to find the right movie asap. Polish TV Company understands that the search might be frustrating. It is especially complicated to choose from a huge number of offers that are available. Thus, we have prepared for you a rating of the best Polish TV series based on the choices made by our users. We hope it is going to simplify your choice. 

Good Omens (Fantasy Series)

Good Omens

Photo: Prime Video

This fantasy series tells us a story about an angel called Aziraphale and a demon Crowley. They love their life on Earth and enjoy it to the full extent until they have to collaborate to stop the approaching Armageddon. Their aim now is to find an Antichrist. How do you imagine an Antichrist though? Most of us would think about an ugly man who is powerful enough to destroy the world. 

However, in the movie, the Antichrist is an 11-year old boy who is completely unaware of his destructive mission. Thus, you can imagine the adventure. 

Lupin (Criminal Drama)


Photo: Film RU

First, some history. The movie is based on a novel Lupin created by a French novelist Maurice Leblanc. It is a story about a gentleman thief. He has never existed, Leblanc has invented the character.

So, the movie should be about a famous thief. But surprisingly, it is not like this. The movie is about Assane, a teenager whose father introduced him to the Lupin books. His father was accused of a robbery he has never been involved in and went to prison. He wasn`t able to cope with it and committed suicide. Assane decides to take revenge for his father. The only way to do so is to follow the steps of his idol, Lupin. 

The Sinner (Mystery Series)

The Sinner

Photo: Hollywood Reporter

Everything starts with the investigation of a murder. It happened on a public beach and there is something strange in the case. With every new season, new crime dramas are introduced. Some of them are so strange that it seems that the investigation will never end. However, the strangest thing about all the crimes is that they all are committed by ordinary people. Why would a normal person ever kill someone? Detective Harry Ambrose is trying to find reasonable replies.

City of Ghosts (Animated Documentary Series)

City of Ghosts

Photo: Netflix

This is an animated story about a group of kids who are also ghosted, hunters. They meet in one of the Los Angeles public libraries for their Ghost Club. And everybody who has troubles with a ghost can count on their help.

Every ghost gives an interview in which he tells the story of his life and goes deeper into the history of the city. 

The voices are unpolished. It provides the movie its charm. It sounds as if a child is interviewing somebody, indeed. Moreover, every story tells something interesting about LA inhabitants, the past of the city, and its monuments.

Supernatural (Mystery)


Photo: Amazon

This is one of the longest series (15 seasons) but still, it is popular. And yes, it is among the top 5 best series of the month.

For a long, we have been following the adventures of two brothers. They were killing monsters, fighting with evil, and doing all the possible to protect people. However, everything ends. They used to escape death all the time but in the last season, one of them is killed. This is the main reason why the series is at the top: it is not only about monsters but instead, it discusses completely different matters such as death, life, the mortality of an ordinary human, and finally, shows us how a person might be overcoming the grief connected with the loss of somebody close. And finally, it all is ok.