When Is Season 2 of The Witcher Coming Out on Netflix?

The Witcher Season 2 is coming. If you have read The Witcher Netflix review but haven`t watched The Witcher yet, you might be rather intrigued. It is not surprising: this Netflix series season 1 is described as one of the best and one of the worst movies ever. 

Where is the truth though? Is it worth watching the series? Is The Witcher season 2 an event anticipated by many movie fans and critics? Or it is better to avoid wasting time and choosing a different movie to watch? 

The Witcher Season 2

Thus, The Witcher Season 2. Even though the movie isn't filmed, we already know some facts about the events that will be described in Season 2. Here are some of the main points.

The Witcher Season 2

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Geralt of Rivia brings princess Ciri to Kaer Morthen, his former home. He believes that this is the safest place for the young princess, a place where he can protect her not only from outside dangers but, most importantly, from the power that hides inside of her.

In season 2, also some facts about Season 3 will be revealed.

When Is Season 2 of The Witcher Coming Out on Netflix?

The preliminary release date of Season 2 of The Witcher is August 21, 2021. However, we shall remind you that the movie production has been delayed greatly due to the pandemic. Thus, the exact release date is unknown. Netflix doesn't confirm it, either.

Who Is Playing The Witcher on Netflix?

Now, let us have a look at the movie itself. While some critics believe that it is far from the expected masterpiece, some fans insist that this is a great movie. The only issue they find is that this movie is difficult to understand that`s why it is not appreciated by many viewers. 

The fact that The Witcher will be played by Henry Cavill, who has played the main character in Season 1, too, gives hope to many fans that at least in this regard, the movie quality isn`t going to suffer. 

Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and Freya Allan (Ciri) also continue their participation in Season 2. Even though they have received a lot of criticism, we will be still happy to see them again in Season 2.


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The Witcher, Season 1 Review

Now, it is time to check how everything started. In The Witcher, we are following three main storylines: one of the witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia, one more is the storyline of Ciri, and finally, one more important character is Yennefer. 

The Witcher, Season 1 Review

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The Witcher is a mutant - hunter for monsters. His destiny is to protect people, however, we cannot tell that he is a positive hero. While he protects people, he says that sometimes, he hates them. His main aim is to find and save princess Ciri who escaped from her castle after the intrusion of the Nilfgaardian army. It is revealed though that he shall protect her from her own power, too.

The storyline of the princess is, probably, the least developed but she is still a young girl. We believe that we will see her in full power in Season 2. For now, we know only that she is a princess, and she will have a special mission. Ah, and she has some superpower that she doesn't really know how to control for now.

One more important storyline is the one of Yennefer, the sorceress. In Season 1, we see her development from a young girl with a deformed face into a powerful and absolutely beautiful sorceress. 

There are several other lines but they are not crucial, and they are difficult to distinguish, too. This is the main reason why the series is criticized.

Also, the chronology of the series is mixed up. Everything starts with the present, and then, the previous events are described. It might be difficult to understand for those who haven't read the book or haven`t played the games which seem to be much clearer than the series. 

The History of the Series

The Witcher is a series based on the series of eight fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Of course, it is impossible to show in a movie, even in a series, the entire story that is told in a series of books. We would say that The Witcher by Netflix is a movie that indeed has shown most events.

The main drawback of The Witcher by Netflix is the representation of the main characters. They are all either good or bad. In the books by Andrzej Sapkowski though, nobody is just good or just bad. This talented author shows all his characters as extremely multifaceted personalities. Even the best heroes live with their doubts and the worst characters have their truth. In the movie, this multifacetedness is lost, and this is, probably, the only serious drawback.  

The Witcher of Polish Production vs The Witcher by Netflix: What Is the Difference Between Them?

The Witcher by Netflix is not the first attempt to make a movie based on the series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. The very first movie was filmed by Polish television in 2001, and it was a real failure. Even though the budget was much higher than other Polish movies could count on, the movie received negative reviews from both fans and critics.

The plot was rather chaotic. Different storylines and scenes were mixed chaotically, thus, it was impossible to follow the events. The storyline of Triss Witcher is completely mixed up, and in the book, Triss plays an important role. 

The montage and special effects were so poor that instead of impressing the viewers, they used to evoke laughter (the plastic dragon was told to resemble the famous donkey from Shrek has become a symbol of poor special effects used for the movie). Even the clothes of characters were made from cheap materials. 

The movie was criticised also for unnecessary nudity and very poorly made dialogues. 

All in all, viewers believe that film-makers managed to spoil even the things that were almost impossible to spoil. 

When Andrzej Sapkowski was asked about his opinion about the movie, he was short: “I am a Polish Catholic, it is Lent now; I cannot utter swear words”. And one of the Gazeta.pl reporters said, “it was the film we all want to forget about”. 

You might be wondering if there were at least some positive things in the Polish Witcher. Of course, there were. The actors made good efforts to save the situation, and it is possible to see in every scene. The music wasn`t bad, either. But still, we would not recommend watching The Witcher 2001 to avoid wasting time. 

Is The Witcher of Netflix Based on the Game?

Many fans of The Witcher have met the character not in the movie and even not in the book. Many gamers know the plot thanks to the games developed by CD Project Red. And we shall admit, and many of those who can compare the games and the series would agree that the games are, probably, the best reproduction of the book. Thus, if you have played the games, you can watch the movie without being afraid to be lost in different storylines.

While both the games and the movie are based on the same book, there are some major differences between the two versions. Here are the most surprising differences.

Dandelion vs Jaskier

This is that extravagant bard that has a special talent for getting into trouble. In the games, his name is Dandelion, while in Netflix`s Witcher, his name is Jaskier (Dandelion in Polish). The movie has a more serious tone, thus, the name Dandelion would be pretty odd. 

Colour vs White

In the games, you can hardly find the representatives of non-white races. It is not surprising: both the author of the book and the developers of the games are from Poland where the majority of the population are white. Netflix`s Witcher adds some colour. The best actors are chosen to play roles, disregarding nationality and race.

The Witcher

For gamers, Doug Cockle is The Witcher. His voice you hear when you are playing the game. He has been playing The Witcher for ages, and he is associated with the role.

In The Witcher by Netflix, Henry Cavill plays the main role. However, he hasn't taken the role over, he has created his own Witcher, and this is something that was just right.

Silver Sword

In the games, you see Geralt carrying two swords. One is made from silver and is used to fight with monsters. The other one is made from steel and is used for ordinary fights. 

In the movie though, you will mostly see Geralt carrying one sword only. Based on the book, Geralt indeed used to leave the silver sword on his horse unless there was a special occasion to use it. 

In general, the costumes and equipment of movie characters differ from those that were created in the games. Even when the costume designer Tim Aslam was instructed not to use games for inspiration when drawing the costumes and equipment for the movie. Thus, the clothes don't look as impressive as they are in the movie, but at least it is possible to wear them.

The Characters

In the games, you will find the majority of characters. However, in the movie, some of them are mentioned just fluently, while others are eliminated. It was made intentionally because, in the movie, the aim was to make the plot clear for everybody, including those viewers who have neither read the book nor played the games. 

Triss or Yennefer?

In the games, Triss is one of the main love interests of Geralt. At some point, Yennefer joins, and a gamer has to choose with whom Geralt is going to stay. 

In the movie though, Triss is a side-interest only. She helps Geralt in some cases, but she has never been the real love. When Yennefer appears, it is clear who is the main focus for Geralt.

Love or Magic?

Now, there is also an intrigue when it comes to the relationships between Yennefer and Geralt. In the games, a genie makes them fall in love. Geralt and Yennefer hunt the genie to undo the spell. Once done, you can choose whether Geralt continues the relationship or dumps Yennefer.

In the movie though, they both feel interest one to another. Even though the genie might have put an end to their hesitations, they have been in love long before.

Is It Worth Watching?

If a dark fantasy is something you enjoy, the series deserves your attention. Be prepared for some violence though. Some scenes will make you disgusted. Some nudity and sex is involved. However, these all are the details that belong to a fantasy. The Witcher by Netflix is a great movie with stunning special effects. It is perfect to watch it with friends or alone.