When you are choosing a channel to give your preference to, you check many criteria such as streaming quality, the price of the subscription within which the channel is available, the content, additional functionalities, and whatever else you might believe is important. While the number and categories of the selection criteria might differ, the choices stay the same. Thus, the Polish TV Company has selected the top 5 Polish channels streamed around the world. Here, we have considered the main criteria crucial for a user. The availability in the majority of locations and the comfort of use are among the main of them. 

Thus, the top 5 Polish channels are the following.


Polsat is a free channel broadcasting in the Polish language. It was launched in 1992, and since then, it has been one of the most-watched channels in Poland and abroad. The total market share of Polsat is 11.3%.

The channel broadcasted from the Netherlands via satellite when it was launched. It was connected with licensing restrictions. Only in 1993, the channel finally received a license in Poland and started working from the territory of the country. 

In 2009, the channel started broadcasting in HD quality.

In 2019, the website design was renewed. Up to then, the website graphic was one of the longest-running. The channel logo remained unchained though.

For now, Polsat is one of the most loved and watched channels by Polish in both Poland and abroad. Along with TV shows and series filmed by Polish directors, it streams American dramas as well as news.


TVP, Telewizja Polska, or Polish Television is another popular channel among both Polish people living in the country and immigrants.it was launched in 1935, the TV station was completely demolished during WWII but reconstructed again and continued broadcasting. This is no doubt one of the oldest TV services in the country that exists until now.

It is one of the largest Polish television networks. However, since 2010, the number of viewers is dropping.

One can watch TVP by purchasing its receiver license. The broadcasting based on the license substitutes one-third of the income of the channel. The rest financing TVP gets from subsidies, sponsor help, and commercials. 

According to the law about broadcasting issued in 1992, the news shall be shown objectively. But TVP is known for taking the sides of political parties. Thus, the channel's popularity dropped. 

Since 2015, TVP has collaborated with BBC on the production of movies and programs.

For now, it is one of the most-watched Polish channels. It broadcasts news, historical programs, movies, series, and all the other types of content in which viewers might be interested.


TVN is one more Polish TV station that is broadcasting free-to-air. The channel is available via terrestrial television, satellite or cable.

TVN got permission to broadcast in 1997, and it was valid for the central and northern parts of the country only. Step by step, the channel was getting new permissions and licenses. And in 2004, TVN was already available in the majority (86%) of Polish households. This was also the year when the channel got into the listings of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. And this was also the year when TVN launched TVN international for Poles living abroad. 

Now, the TVN shares belong to Discovery Communications, and the channel is one of the most loved by Polish immigrants living all around the world.


TVP2, or TVP dwa, or Program II Telewizji Polskiej, is one of the TVP operated mainstream channels. It is loved in Poland and abroad for providing the widest range of content: cartoons, talk shows, Tv-series, TV shows, movies of all types, and others - this is just a shortlist of a content type that you can enjoy watching on TVP2.

The channel has been broadcasting since 1970, and since then, it is loved by its viewers for the variety of offered content. Now, it is one of the most-watched channels in Poland and abroad.

TVP Info

TVP Info is one more free-to-air channel but this time, as you can guess from the channel name, it is all about the news. It broadcasts from 6 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. 

It has been around since 2007. Its main offices are located in the major Polish cities. It broadcasts local programs, regional and national news. 

In 2016, the streaming in HD was launched. It allows viewers to enjoy the top quality of the broadcast.