Have you ever asked yourself what the sense of your life is? And what is going to happen after you die? Or what about the way you have come to this world? Finally, what is going to happen to those people who cannot find their destiny and if it is possible at all? 

Pixar`s Soul might answer some of these questions. The cartoon is available on PTVC already.

While kids are following the adventures of the main characters, you will be discovering a lot of things to think about. This is a cartoon that not only makes you think but teaches you to value every moment in life, even those minutes that you spend in the underground or those small accidents that make you approach other people and discover that most of them are willing to help. Soul teaches us to be careful with what we say because every word can turn into an invisible monster able to kill a soul. It is not surprising that the cartoon has already been awarded the Golden Globe Award.


Photo: Posletitrov

Let us move to the plot then. 

Joe Gardner is not young but he still hasn`t achieved what he has been dreaming about. Instead of playing jazz, he teaches music. He even doesn`t have a permanent job. It seems that he shall be happy when the director of the school he teaches in announces that he is employed in a full-time position. But this is absolutely not what he was dreaming about… 

It looks like his life is improving when he gets a chance to catch his dream but… he falls into a manhole, and his soul starts its journey to Great Beyond. However, he is not ready for such a trip. He is trying to escape and ends up in Great Before. There, souls are trained before they can go to earth. To get a pass to earth, a soul has to get badges, and only when the set is complete, a pass is given. Joe is mistaken by a trainer and is assigned to train soul 22 who has always lived in Great Before and doesn`t have any intention to go to earth. 

Joe agrees with 22 that he helps her to find the final badge, and she gives him the much desired pass to earth. 22 will then get a chance to stay in Great Before forever. 

And indeed, they both manage to return to earth. However, everything goes wrong. 22 lands in the body of Joe, and the soul of Joe ends up in the body of a therapy cat. After a while, 22 discovers that life on earth has plenty of nice moments and falls in love with living. What about Joe then? Will he manage to recover his body? To find out, you need to watch the cartoon, it is available for watching already. 

For now, we would like to highlight some moments that will for sure impress you. Such moments make Pixar cartoons unforgettable (well, we would not even use the word “cartoons” here, all the Pixar creations are real masterpieces that amaze and surprise with their depth). 

Soul is not only about death and life, it also shows some deep psychological moments. This cartoon will teach you to be careful with every word with which you are ready to hurt another person. Every uncareful word that you throw to another person can turn him or her into a lost soul. Every phrase with which you are going to hurt somebody can wake up monsters that will be torturing the poor soul. Are you ready to become one of those monsters and plague the soul until the end of the days? The cartoon will show you how one feels when he turns into one of such monsters. Also, Soul teaches us that everything can be corrected and improved if one tries indeed. 

Soul is a special cartoon. It is touching and funny, at parts sad, and endlessly deep. It is a cartoon about our life and the way we perceive it. This cartoon teaches us to dream and follow our dreams because with them, there is no real life. It is a perfect cartoon to watch for adults and kids, everybody will find there his/her own important moments.