You, like any other viewer, have your favorite movie genres and have those that you would never watch. It is much easier to choose a movie if it is classified based on the genre. Thus, Polish TV Company has prepared for you the rating of the most popular film genres of the year with their short characteristics and a shortlist of the best movies in the specific category.


While many viewers believe that a drama shall be about something sad, this is far from the truth. A drama is a genre characterized by some conflict, sometimes, many conflicts. Every drama is plot-driven. Thus, to understand the development of the events, you have to follow them from the very start of the movie. Every character and every storyline matters. 

Usually, a drama tells about something that is close to real life. Mixed with other genres, a drama might be historical, romantic, medical, and similar.

The most popular drama movies are Nomadland (2020), Deadly Illusions (2021), Stowaway (2021).


As you can see from the genre name, it is about action. Such movies are fast-paced, filled with fight scenes, chasing, and similar. One of the distinguishing features of action is slow-motion shots. 

Such movies are focused on the plot execution rather than on a plot. They are exciting to watch and are meant to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.

This category is pretty wide. It includes cop movies, disaster movies, some types of spy movies, and similar.

The most popular action movies of the last month are: The Old Guard, Debt Collectors, Rogue City, Blood on Her Home. All the movies are released in 2020.


Fantasy films feature supernatural elements or elements of magic, or all together. They are about the mixture of things from the real world and from the world of supernatural and magic. In some movies, the viewers plunge in completely different universes that have nothing to do with the real world. These universes live based on their own laws, logis, rules, and sometimes, they are completely different from those based on which people live.

The main difference between fantasy from a science fiction movie is that the first one isn`t speculating but is inventing.

The most popular fantasy movies of the last month are Raya and the Last Dragon, Space Sweepers, Monsters. 


Thriller is a blend of everything: mystery, anticipation, the tension in one plot. Good thrillers are filled with unexpected plot twists and reveal the truth in portions, just at the right moment to keep the audience interested. In many cases, the time to solve the mystery is limited.

There are different types of thrillers: political thrillers, crime thrillers, techno-thrillers. 

The most popular thrillers of the last month are Inception, Wrong Turn, Deadly Illusions.

Science Fiction

Science fiction movies show a world filled with elements that don`t exist in the real world. Every detail is very well designed and thought through to make the viewers believe that somewhere, this imaginary world exists or is going to exist. Very often, science fiction movies are connected with time travel, trips in space, or events happening in the future. 

The main difference between science fiction movies from fantasy is in the realistic setting. Everything can happen in the future or might be happening right now but is held in secret. 

The most popular science fiction movies of last month are A Quiet Place II, Dune, Underwater, The New Mutants.