It looks like 2021 has brought significant changes to Hollywood. While we all associate the USA, and Hollywood specifically, the hub of equality, from the post, you will see that things are not as they are seen.

So, the Academy Award. You got used to the fact that there are many women - nominees and winners. However, have you ever seen a woman win the Academy Award for the best picture? We doubt, and there is a reason to do so: during the last 100 years, one woman only won the award in this nomination. Just in 2021, the situation has changed. Well, but let us check the details.


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Chloe Zhao and Her Nomadland

So, the warmest congratulations from the Polish TV Company and our viewers go to Chloe Zhao. You have heard her name, haven`t you? She won the award for the best directing this year. Her movie Nomadland has received many more awards, but this one, the award for the best picture, is special. Here is why.

She is the second woman to win the Academy Award for the Best Picture for the last 100 years! The first woman who won the Academy Award in this category was Kathryn Bigelow with her movie “The Hurt Locker”. It was in 2010, so, you can see the trend, or rather, its absence.

Well, Chloe Zhao was also the second woman in the history of the Academy to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Director! The first one was Barbara Joan with her movie Yentl, 1983.

Now though, let us return to Chloe Zhao, the winner of this year. She is Chinese. So, she is also the first woman of colour who won the award. 

This victory isn`t surprising though, considering the effect that her movie has made on both viewers and critics. Before she was even nominated for the Oscar, she won the directing awards from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Directors Guild of America. It is impressive, indeed. But what do we know about this amazing lady? 

Chloe Zhang: Some Words About the Talented Director

Chloe was born in 1982 in Beijing, China. Now, she is a famous filmmaker known for her American independent films. She was successful even before Nomadland hit the cinemas. So, her debut feature film Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015) received very welcoming feedback from critics. She was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for the Best First Feature. The Rider, the second movie, was also very positively received and was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for the Best Film and the Best Director. So, Chloe isn`t a newcomer. She has been creating amazing movies before.

But for now, her biggest success is Nomadland. The Oscar is not the only award that she won with the movie. Nomadland was presented successfully at the Venice Film Festival where it won the Golden Lion. Chloe won the Academy Award for the best directing, the Directors Guild of America Awards, Golden Globe Awards, among others. So, she also became the first woman to win multiple major awards in the same year. 

How was her success perceived in her native country though? In such cases, every country does its best to find and prove somehow the belonging of such a personality to them. So, China should have been proud of Chloe Zhang. But no. In China, the movie didn`t have a theatrical release, and the news about her winning the award for the best directing was censored.

Nomadland - A Story about People

So, her movie - Nomadland. It tells us about a woman in her 50-ies and about the way many people were trying to survive in the USA during the Great Depression. While some people enjoy an established life at home at this age, the main character of Nomadland, Fern, loses her husband, her job, and is forced to sell all her belongings to buy a van and travel around America in search of occasional jobs. When she meets real nomads, she discovers the true beauty in her lifestyle and starts enjoying her life. 

Have you already watched the movie? If not, this is a reason to envy you. We at Polish TV Company invite you to watch it in a calm surrounding, alone or in the circle of your family. We promise this piece is worth every second spent on it.