So, Android Mecool TV boxes, now, you can use them, too, to watch Polish TV Company on Android TV. Why are they so good and whether they are worth your attention, indeed? Let us have a look.

So, an Android Mecool TV box - are there any special features that make it better than other boxes? Well, there are, and the entire set of features makes the boxes stand out. 

Android Mecool TV box offers the following: 

  • The newest CPU S905X94

  • It plays AV1 videos

  • WiFi6 supported

  • Bluetooth module that allows you to connect different devices (mouse, joysticks, etc.)

  • Inbuilt Chromecast

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Large storage up to 128 GB

  • Supports 4K streaming on Netflix / Disney + Prime Video / Youtube

  • Supports video calls with Google Duo

  • Is compatible with Google Assistant

It looks impressive, doesn`t it? We want to add here one important detail: Android Mecool is Google certified. It means that the company has provided the product with a special certification which guarantees that all Google products are supported and run without issues on the device with which you use the box. Yep, you can use Google Meets to make calls, including video calls, to watch Youtube, or whatever you need. All the upgrades that Google launches will be automatically implemented to all the services that you use via the box. It is a big benefit, isn`t it?

So, the functionality is impressive. It must be pretty complicated to use, with all the stuff packed? However, we have tested it, and we are pretty impressed with how it works. 

Setting Up Process

When you turn the TV box on, it will offer you to connect your remote control via the Bluetooth module. The following message will appear on the screen, just do as it is indicated:

Make sure you don`t skip this step. If you do so, the further setup procedure will be much more complicated. 

Now, you will be moved to the box setup. If you have a Google account or use an Android smartphone, the entire procedure is going to be super simple. You just login on the screen into your Google account, just like you do it usually, and all the services are going to be synchronized with your Google account. It is just very comfortable, and this is why the Google certifications serves, too. 

Another option is to connect to the WiFi internet you normally use. If this option is preferable, move on with it: 

  • In the settings, choose the WiFi option

  • Select the needed WiFi network

  • Provide the needed login data

  • Click on Connect

Now, when the connection to the internet is established, you can proceed with the standard setups such as Geolocation and similar. Finally, you have a chance to move to the installation of apps. The good thing is that the box installs all the needed apps automatically. But if you think that you need something else, proceed as follows:

Open the apps for IPTV and Play Market. To install an app, click on it, and follow the instructions. 

After that, you will be moved to the Android TV screen. If you have an Android TV device, you know how it looks. It is like a desktop from where you can manage the entire functionality of your device.

For example, you see the channels there. You can click on any of them to see the menu that allows you to manage the content, check the program guide, turn the channel on or off, and similar. 

Now, we can have a look at the Applications Section. The needed apps have been already installed onto your device. We were impressed to see that there, we found an impressive list of players and playlist management apps. 

Now, it is time to have a look at Settings. In most cases, settings on default are just right. If you use an Android smartphone, you will not have any issues with the basic settings. 

But when it comes to the specific TV settings, you might need guidance on some points. So, we move there now.

If the box hasn`t set up the screen frequency automatically, do it. If you have a Full HD TV, set it to the maximum. 


If you activate HDMI CEC, you will be able to manage your TV set and your Android Mecool box with one remote control.  

There are also other settings but they are not mandatory. 

Note: When you are opening Play Market, it detects immediately that you are connecting from an Android TV device. So, it offers only those apps that are used on TV. However, with this TV box, you can use all the functionality of any app, even Skype, Instagram, Viber, and similar. 

Bottom Line

The Android MECOOL box is very convenient, super functional, and extremely easy to use. It supports HD and 4K streaming, all the set of Google services, and a lot of the most various apps.