What about some good movies to watch in 2021? Some real masterpieces in the cinematography life are about to be released. It doesn`t matter what genre you prefer, you will find the most interesting movie for you, and PTVC has done its best to make a list of the most anticipated movies in 2021. We have included all types of films there to ensure you will find your favorite pieces.

Thus, here we go, with the most anticipated movies 2021. Check the list and choose those that you would like to watch with us.

The French Dispatch


Photo: Film Stories

Director: Wes Anderson

Genre: Comedy, drama


It will be a new comedy-drama telling us about the story of journalists working in The French Dispatch, an invented newspaper whose main office is located in an imaginary French city. The plot is centered around three stories published in the French Dispatch. 

Wes Anderson tells about the movie and the stories described in it that it is difficult to explain the entire plot. It is something about a French journalist who lives in New York but creates a French newspaper. It is not even about a real journal but about a real journalist who wants to write what he likes, and he fights for his right to do so. It is in no way a movie about the liberty of the press. However, if you talk about the press, you have to talk about the events that are happening around you.

Nine Days


 Photo: Cinemaholics

Director: Edson Oda

Genre: supernatural drama


Have you ever asked yourself such eternal questions as to why you live? Where do you come from to this life and where do you leave when this life is over? If these questions are the things you are constantly thinking about, Nine Days is a movie for you. 

Meet that kind-looking man and talk to him. Be smart though because he decides whether you are going to inhabit a human being. Yep, you are a soul, and the man decides your destiny. 

Don`t Look Up

Don`t Look Up

Photo: Medium

Director: Adam McKay

Genre: political satire disaster comedy


Again, an asteroid is approaching our planet. Two low-grade astronomers have discovered the danger, and they choose to warn humanity about the coming disaster. However, people are too critical to the scientists in general and to the astronomers, in particular. Can the planet and people be saved? Watch the movie to find out, it will be streamed soon!



Photo: KWC

Director: Chloé Zhao

Genre: drama


Fern loses her husband and then, her job when the factory where she used to work closes. She loads her belongings in a van and joins similar people in the search for occasional earnings. During the struggle, she meets real nomads and explores their life. 

Fern is not the symbol of an independent woman that can handle any issue. She is a woman in her 60-ies who has lost everything and is trying to find a new sense of life and live her life as meaningful as she can. Also, it is a story about the American dream that can differ so much from one case to another.

A Quiet Place II


Photo: Amazon

Director: John Krasinski

Genre: horror


This is a modern horror where there are almost no dialogues. Why no dialogues? The planet is filled with monsters sensitive to sound. The main character guides her kids into the modern world filled with silence and monsters.

The movie was completed in 2020 but its release was delayed because the director wanted it to be enjoyed in a theatre setting. 



Photo: Kino Poisk

Director: Dennis Villeneuve

Genre: sci-fi


A young man is forced to travel a dangerous planet for the sake of his family. He still doesn`t understand that his mission is far beyond that. The events unfold around the resource of the most precious resource on the planet - a commodity that is able to unlock the greatest potential of people. The fight over it has never ended, and now, it is time to start a new battle, and only the bravest can survive. 

The Matrix 4


Photo: 24 Life

Director: Lana Wachowski

Genre: sci-fi


This movie is so famous that it doesn`t need any background information. In Part 4, the characters will head to new adventures between the realities. How many matrices are they up to discover? For now, no details are revealed. There are rumors that a young Morpheus will appear, and it is going to be a love story rather than anything else. Well, the only option to find out more details is to wait for the movie to be released.

Black Widow


Photo: Marvel

Director: Cate Shortland

Genre: a superhero movie


Natasha Romanoff, or Black Widow, is forced to confront her dark past. She visits her family who live in Russia. And finally, we learn more details about the mysterious past of Natasha. 

The movie was about to be released but the premiere was delayed because of the pandemic. Now, it is expected to be streamed later on in summer 2021.

Last Night in Soho


Photo: Empire

Director: Edgar Wright

Genre: horror


This is one of the most anticipated movies though we know almost nothing about it. The only thing that is revealed is that the majority of events are going to unfold in London in the 60-ies. And some time travel is also involved. The main character is obsessed with that decade in the life of the city, and once, he gets a chance to experience it. Will it be the experience of a kind he wished? We also know that there, a message is present: be careful with what you are wishing. Anyway, we have to wait for the streaming to find out the details.



Photo: Twiter

Director: Miguel Sapochnik

Genre: sci-fi


Finch is an inventor, a specialist in robotics, and the last human on the devastated earth. He has lived for years in a specially equipped bunker, and his dog was his only companion during all the years. However, Finch gets sick, and it is incurable. He creates a robot that shall learn everything about people and their feelings. Also, he has to teach the dog and the robot to trust each other and care for each other. Once the robot is completed, the scientist dares to leave his bunker and to go to explore what is left of the planet.