We celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday of May. On this day, we pay tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives for us to be able to live in peace and happiness - those militaries who have been killed during a war, a military conflict, or died because of wounds. 


People started celebrating this day after the Civil War to commemorate those who were killed during that awful event. It was also for the first time in USA history when national cemeteries were organized. We aren`t sure about who gave the idea and when exactly people started paying tribute to their defendants. But one is sure: this day deserves to be remembered. 

Polish TV Company commemorates the day and the memory of those brave people with the best movies in our list. So, you can join a parade, go to a cemetery, or just use the opportunity and spend a nice day outside. And in the evening, you are welcome to watch a nice movie of your preference.