You might have already noticed that sometimes, the assessment provided by critics and the ratings provided by viewers differ significantly. We at Polish TV Company believe that such a discrepancy between the assessment provided by cinema critics and viewers means something. So, we have decided what movies were assessed so contradictorily and why. In our analysis, we have used the rating provided by Rotten Tomatoes, and the rating made based on the opinion of the Polish TV Company viewers.

Lion King (Director John Favreau)

Lion King

Photo: ITV

You know the cartoon, don`t you? It is a cartoon loved by both adults and kids. Who hasn`t cried over the touching story of a lion cub accused of the death of his father and chased away from his family? Who hasn`t celebrated together with Simba, Nala, and their friends their victory? A new version of the cartoon is made with the application of virtual reality technology, and it is as realistic as it can ever be. It is not surprising that the viewers love it. The story is actually a remake of the original cartoon, but with the application of the newest technologies, it has improved a lot. 

However, critics say that it is a shot-by-shot reproduction of the original cartoon. So, they give just 50 points out of 100 possible. Any other drawbacks? No, they all agree that the movie is just perfectly made but with some new elements, probably, some new characters, plot lines, it might deserve a higher score.

Contagion (Director Steven Soderbergh)


Photo: CNN

Now everybody likes disaster movies, moreover, if they are as realistic as Contagion. While the movie was released in 2011, the situation shown in it resembles too much the current situation in the world. It might be one more reason why the movie isn`t absolutely loved by the users and why Contagion is not among the top movies in any rating compiled by Polish TV Company. The movie is too specific, very heavy, and is just not for everybody.

However, the Rotten Tomatoes reviews provided by cinema critics are high. The Tomatometer shows 83% out of 100% which is high indeed. Critics note that actors perform absolutely realistically, it is hard to believe sometimes that they are playing so natural it looks. The events evolve in a natural setting. While some scenes are exaggerated, in total, the movie is very realistic. Thus, a high assessment from critics was guaranteed.

The Tree of Life (Director Terrence Malick)

The Tree of Life

Photo: Criterion Confessions

We bet you have heard about the movie or even have watched it in one case only: if you love this specific genre. The movie tells a story of a family. In this story, the director has managed to encompass everything that is life: humility and pride, violence and tenderness, deep feelings, and pure naivety of kids. It is the story of everything but this story is told in a single droplet of water, a piece of sunshine, a blade of grass. And for sure, this is not a story that can be understood by everybody. Thus, viewers didn`t appreciate it, or well, not all the viewers appreciated it. Thus, The Tree of Life is not mentioned in a single rating made based on the Polish TV Company viewers` opinions. 

On the other hand, it is a real masterpiece. The movie-makers managed to tell about everything in a single movie. Everybody can recognize themselves, every scene talks to us. Thus, it receives 84% from Rotten Tomatoes experts.

What about you? Have you ever felt that a movie you love hasn`t gained the attention it deserves? Or maybe you have noticed that some good movies are under-appreciated? We will be happy to hear from you. Share with us your experiences, and we, in our turn, will do our best to keep your favorite movies at the top of our ratings.