Do you own an Apple TV but for now, cannot watch your favorite Polish channels on this device? PTVC has changed this once and forever! A new My PTVC app is available now for all PTVC subscribers for free download. 

You might be wondering what it gives you. Well, that depends on the subscription plan but here is the minimum on which you can count:

  • More than 120 channels in your native language are available;

  • An extensive video-library with more than 3.500 movies and shows;

  • A possibility of delayed watching if you live in a different time zone and still want to watch your favorite show or movie live, not in a recorded form.

The app doesn`t require any special knowledge to be installed. You need to follow the instructions, and that`s it. Are you ready? Then, follow every step of this installation guide.

How to Download and Setup the Apple TV App

Before you proceed with the installation, make sure your iOS device and your Apple TV use the same Apple ID. This is a guarantee that the installation and setup procedures will be successful. Now, you are ready to proceed.

  1. Open the link

  2. Now, find TestFlight App. It is free, and it will help you to download the Apple TV app to your device. Do you have a TestFlight App? Then, move directly to Step 5. If not, proceed with every step mentioned here.

  3. Click on the option View in App Store.


  1. Now, proceed with the app installation.



Allow the app to send you notifications.


And click on Continue.

  1. Add MyPTVC to TestFlight.

Now, you are ready to proceed with MyPTVC app installation on your Apple TV.

  1. Install TestFlight on Apple TV. Click on the indicated option.

  1. Choose the app.

  1. Proceed with the installation.

  1. Wait until the installation is completed. Open the app by clicking on the option.

  1. Tap Continue.

  1. Choose MyPTVC.

  1. And proceed to the MyPTVC app installation.

Ready? Congratulations, now, you can watch PTVC on your Apple TV!