Have you also watched Friends? Are you also one of those who was waiting with impatience for every new episode, counting hours to its start, and being afraid to miss it? At the time when the first episodes were streamed, there was no IPTV service, no opportunity to use a delayed streaming function to make sure the series starts when you are at home. Now, all the mentioned options are available, and you can enjoy your favorite series, with all the actors once more participating. Could Polish TV Company miss an opportunity to add this special episode to its library? Of course not! So, even if you missed it, you can watch it with us!


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Some History

Friends were one of the most popular sitcoms that were launched in 1990-ies and stopped its existence in 2004. Thanks to streaming services, the show has found a lot of fans. 

Now, HBO Max announced the return of Friends. A special episode was filmed back in 2019 but now, it is finally available for a wide audience. 

One of the main attractions is that all the sitcom cast and creators are back once more. But this time, the fans of the series shall not expect to see the continuation of the famous sitcom and to observe the stories of its characters. In this special episode, the actors play without a scenario, they are shown as real people, not as the characters of a famous sitcom. In Friends: the Reunion, viewers can see the reunion of real people. 

The special episode was filmed on the same stage where all the series of the sitcoms were filmed which added to the nostalgic feeling. Do you remember all of them? Let us remind you of those who played the main roles.


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Main Cast

Jennifer Aniston

While Aniston was already quite popular before the famous sitcom, the participation in Friends brought her to international fame. For the participation in this sitcom, she was awarded Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild awards. 

Courteney Cox

Now, Courteney Cox is pretty famous but not many of us know that she owes this fame to her acting in Friends. She performed the role of Monica Geller. She even received seven nominations for Screen Actors Guild awards, and even won one. 

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow is one of the most popular American actresses, comedians, writers, and producers. She also, like all the above-mentioned actors, came to international fame thanks to Friends, and her role as Phoebe Buffay. For this role, she was awarded Primetime Emmy and several Screen Actors Guild awards.

Matt LeBlanc

For his participation in Friends, Matt was nominated three times for Primetime Emmy. His international fame started with Friends, too, like in the case of his colleagues. 

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is a Canadian-American actor, screenwriter, producer, comedian, but he too is best known for his role in Friends. After he became immensely popular with the sitcom, he was invited to many movies where he was paid around $1 million per episode.

David Schwimmer

His role as Ross Geller in Friends is still one of the most known. That's why we recognize his face doesn`t matter in which movie he participates. For the role of Ross, he received a Primetime Emmy, Screen Actors Guild awards and was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. 

All these guys met again in Friends: the Reunion. And looks like they were happy to see each other indeed! Have you watched the special episode? Even if not, you can do it right now, with a Polish TV Company!