Change TV provider for Polish TV Company and get money back

If you have an active abonnement from a different company but have heard about our service and wanted to try its features, we offer you a great opportunity.

During this spring, we can change any of your Polish Internet services to Polish TV Company, and we will also refund your time.

Confirm the purchase of your previous abonnement by sending this confirmation to and Polish TV Company will refund you up to 3 months of subscription to Polish Internet TV

You must meet all of the following requirements to receive compensation, namely:

Confirmation of the purchase of an abonnement to Polish Internet TV should be sent to

This document must contain the buying date and the abonnement period

Make an annual subscription to our Premium service or set up an automatic monthly payment

This offer does not apply to other packages or for a subscription period of fewer than 365 days

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Thanks to our service you get access to a large number of benefits, namely

Polish television anywhere on earth

More than 100 channels in Polish

Watch your favorite TV shows and movie premieres anytime or from the 2-week archive

TV, mobile phone or computer - choose your favorite device to watch

3000+ of the best movies in Polish are already waiting for you in your Movie library

For Android users, we offer a free Polish TV App.

Enjoy this promotion until the end of it.

Try the free benefits of Polish TV Online.

More information about this offer can be found at this address, or contact us: 718-713-8445

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