Happy Easter with PTVC

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen! - this way we are greeting one another on this day. Easter is here, with all its traditions and customs. The Polish TV Company team wishes you spring warmth, peace, and joy. May this holiday fill you with new hope and expectations, bring amazing moments and turns out to be one of the happiest holidays in your life. 

Some Interesting Data about Easter

Almost everywhere, Easter is associated with coloured eggs. Now, eggs are coloured in all colours, but initially, they should be red. 

It is easy to see why eggs are associated with the celebration of rebirth, the start of new life, which Easter is. But why shall they be red? It is believed that Maria Magdalena brought boiled eggs to the place where Christ was crucified. Some drops of his blood fell on the eggs and coloured them red. That`s why we say that eggs are a symbol of new life, and red colour stands for Jesus` blood.

The Easter Bunny is another symbol of Easter. This symbol can be traced back to the pagan times when people celebrated the holiday of the goddess of fertility named Eostre. It is believed that initially, it was the tradition of Germanic tribes, and later, it was spread to almost all the world.

An Easter basket stuffed with grass is one more Easter attribute. Now, you can guess its meaning, it even looks like a nest where eggs are supposed to be.

Easter is indispensable without cross rolls. This tradition is difficult to trace back. Some people insist that there was a monk in the 12th century who used to mark his rolls like this. The first written records about the buns are from 1730, and there, they are mentioned in the connection with Good Friday.

Have you already prepared everything for the coming celebration? We hope this Easter will bring you everything that you have been dreaming about, and we, from our side, will take care of your free time: Polish TV Company is preparing many nice surprises for you, and of course, we will make sure you have the best movies and shows to watch.

Happy Easter!

Your Polish TV Company team