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The Best Polish TV Shows To Watch Today!

Polish television has quite a rich history, and the future will be even brighter! Poland is known for its rich mythology and tradition, and the many Polish TV series reflect that!

Whether you're looking for an intense historical drama, an edging crime series, a traditional Polish cooking show, or virtually anything related to Poland – Polish shows have got you covered!

Below, we will give you some Polish series online, which will definitely catch your attention.

If you're looking for some Polish TV shows online to watch, we're going to give you our top picks based on the genre. There are more than a few free online Polish shows you can watch in the United States!

Polish Crime Series

If you're a fan of Criminal Minds, Sherlock, or The Sopranos – you'll fall in love with Polish crime television. There is nothing quite as exciting as a mystery crime drama with an East European twist. Polish crime television shows tend to have an intricate plot, accompanied by top of the line action, and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

While Poland is known for its films, crime shows are equally popular! Unravel exciting Polish television shows with detective intuition and watch the best Polish crime TV series around. With these exciting Polish detective TV series, crime flicks, and crime dramas available, we'll never go bored.

Top-5 Polish Crime Series



3.The woods


5. Ultraviole

Polish Comedy Shows

Polish artists aren't only good when it comes to making a crime flick, but also with making comedies.

The best Polish comedy shows are bound to keep you laughing for a while, as they do it differently.

Polish comedy prides itself on its strict no-censorship policy, meaning you'll get a filter-free dose of laughter each time. Aside from fun shows, Poland also has some top tier stand up comics. Whether you're a fan of old school shows like Seinfeld, or prefer shows like Arrested Development, the many Polish options will have your tastes covered!

Top-5 Polish Comedy Show

1. Zmiennicy

2. Przepis na życie

3. Dylematu 5

4. 39 i pół

5. Prosto w serve

Polish Cooking Shows

When you think of traditional European cuisine, Poland likely isn't the first that comes to mind. That's a crime, as Polish food is one of the best in Europe. Fresh pierogies, hearty Bigos, and a thick Kielbasa are waiting for you in the exciting world of Polish food shows!

Poles are known for their hearty eastern cuisine, and when you start cooking like a Pole, you'll never go back. Polish cooking shows are also chock full of fun information, history, and jokes! Don't worry about making a mess, as the food you create will be well worth the effort!

Top-5 Polish Cooking Shows

1. "Makłowicz on a journey"

2. "Ewa is cooking"

3. "Okrasa breaks the rules"

4. "Dolce vita according to David Rocco"


5. "Taste Advisor"

Polish Music History Series

Poland has one of the richest music histories in the world. One of the best things about Poland is its unmatched versatility. With the country being as old as it is, and the population being quite significant, the amount of subcultures, music, and movements is massive.

If you want to learn a bit about Polish punk rock, or dig more into traditional Polish tunes, you can do so by discovering Polish historical TV series! Music and Slavs go hand in hand, and we're sure you're going to be captivated by the exciting Polish melodies!

Top-5 Polish Music History Series

1. Karol Szymanowski.

2.Grażyna Bacewicz: Her Life and Works

 3.Maria Szymanowska


4. Józef Koffler: Compositional Style and Source Documents

5. Zygmunt Stojowski: Life and Music

Polish Shows for Children

Children's Polish TV shows are known worldwide for their compelling visuals, children friendly themes, and a traditional twist. Kids Polish TV shows aren't only abundant, they're very versatile as well. From live shows to cartoons, Polish children's shows will have your kid glued to the screen with entertainment and glee.

Polish kid shows and cartoons also have an impressive visual spin, making them easily distinguishable from western media, in the right way!

Aside from the classic Polish children's shows, there are many classic Polish cartoons that you might remember from your childhood! If you're looking to provide your child with some superb Polish shows for kids, we're sure that our selection of the best presentations will pique your fancy.

Top-5 Polish Shows for Children

1. Jacek i Agatka

2. Krtek the Mole

3. Bolek i Lolek

4. Zbigniew Rychlicki Miś Uszatek

5. Plastuś

National Polish Shows

Poland is one of the oldest nations in Europe and has a rich history behind it. Did you know that Poland was one of the few European countries not affected by the black plague? How about the fact that Poland has a vast mountain range, beaches, and lush forests?

You'd be surprised about how much national Polish shows can teach you about this gorgeous European country. If you're wondering what Poland is like, we're sure that you'll find the answer in the best national Polish TV shows. Exciting history, fun facts, and exciting sights await you while watching the best national Polish TV shows.

Top-5 National Polish Shows

Polish Reality Shows

Polish people are also known for being entertaining, and one thing you can't skip out are Polish reality TV shows. Aside from the fact that the variety of these shows is astounding, we can guarantee that you'll be entertained with the best Polish reality shows.

Local variants of popular shows worldwide, reality TV shows from Poland, and intricate real-life dramas, are present in Polish reality programming. You can invest yourself in the complex and intricate world of Polish reality TV, and we can guarantee you'll have an intoxicating time doing so!

Top-5 Polish Reality Shows

1. Brudna robota - czysty zysk


2. Love Island. Wyspa miłości


4. Big Brother


3. The Voice Senior (Poland) 


5. Eurogames 


Polish Teen Series

Poland places a lot of focus on its youth, and Polish teen series reflect that perfectly. Learn about all of the struggles Polish teens face, have some fun with your favorite new teen idols, or laugh with hilarious jokes on Polish teen TV shows. Watching Polish TV in the USA has never been so easy!

When you're watching Polish teen TV shows, you'll get into an exciting world of ups and downs, intricate young love, and some spicy drama! No one said adolescence is an easy thing to go through, and it might be even harder when you're Polish – the only thing we know for sure is that it's interesting.

Top-5 Polish Teen Series

1.”13 powodów”

2. Ania nie Anna


3."All night"


4. Heathers 


5. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Polish Game Shows

Everyone knows that the Japanese are kings of game shows, but Poland owns the second place. If you're looking for the most exciting plots, twists, and games – Polish game shows are the right choice.

If you're a fan of more traditional game shows, Polish TV game shows also offer all the classic spin-offs. The action will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the exciting game mechanics are bound to fascinate even the toughest of crowds!

Top-5 Polish Game Shows

1. Clueless 

2. ”Milionerzy”

3.Postaw na million

4. Awantura O Kasę Gra

5.Jeden z dziesięciu

In Conclusion

We are sure you'll love watching our selection of Polish TV shows – we guarantee you'll have fun doing it. All of them come with English subtitles, so you should not even know the language!

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