If less than 100 years ago watching TV was possible for only a small amount of people, today almost every family has a TV at home. People watch shows and films on normal TV-sets, laptops, tablets and even smartphones – whenever and wherever they like.

Such television worldwide spread became possible thanks to the technical development and appearance of the new devices which make broadcasting easier and cheaper. One of such devices is Android TV Box. What is this and how to choose it correctly?

How to choose Android TV Box

Nice to meet you, TV Box

In a couple of words, Android TV Box is just another device based on Android like your tablet or smartphone. Its main task is to organize broadcasting via the Internet for your TV-set. Some specific models of Android TV Boxes allow even to make calls. But the main functionality of the ordinary TV-Box is the following:

  1. to provide access to the TV content without an antenna;
  2. to allow access to video games;
  3. to provide access to the music and radio channels;
  4. to provide an ability to use a combination of the TV-set and Android Box instead of the PC.

How to choose Android TV-Box

There are 4 simple rules that will help you to choose a good device and avoid a lot of problems during its usage. Just follow them and your experience with Android TV Box will be only good.

1. Before buying a TV Box, check what processor it has and pay attention to the memory storage

The speed of work and a lot of other important features depend on the processor quality. Select devices with at least 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU or higher. Memory storage is also one of the important signs to estimate the quality of the box. Select no less than 8 GB. It’s also good when TV-Box supports the option of the storage extension.

2. Check the version of the Operation System

Newer versions work better and have fewer bugs. You should remember this while choosing your Android Box. If you want to have all the newest features and install on your box everything you like, take care that your device has Android 5.0 and higher.

3. Pay attention to Bluetooth

Not all models of the TV-Boxes have implemented Bluetooth. But it’s important to have it if you want to connect your phone with TV-Box, for example.

4. Don’t ignore product reviews

The opinion of other people, who already have bought this or that device and tried it is always useful. Look threw at least the newest feedback before buying the new Android TV Box. Probably they will help you to make the right decision.