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Why my TV “freezes”?

March 9, 2013

How does Polish TV works

A common issue experienced by customers during the evening hours is “freezing” of the video and audio signal. “Freezing” happens when there is not enough internet bandwidth in the signal’s path and parts of the signal are delayed or lost in the transmission. In this article we want to explain why it happens and what you can improve your signal.

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Watching Polish TV online is now possible for MAC users! Want to watch Polish TV online? Are you a MacAdict? Or maybe a PC lover? Whatever it is - WE ALWAYS HAVE A SOLUTION.


We would love to announce that due to a high number of requests from Macintosh users watching Polish TV is now possible on your MAC computer (running any version of operating system). All you have to do is to download and install a special version of VLC plug-in.

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Posted in Helpful Information By Polish TV Company
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