About Company

Who are we?

We are a company of believers. We believe that every house deserves quality Polish television, because this is what makes us and our customers, this is what brings families together in the evening. Our team consists of customer service representatives that are always ready to answer any of your questions and ready to assist you with getting the right product and service.

Polish TV Company is a way to preserve the native language and cultural identity while living in a different country. It is a way to hear the authentic Polish language and plunge into the world of your native culture. Your kids can watch cartoons and movies in the language their parents and grandparents speak, and you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, films, and any other content that you love watching.

Now, you can watch Polish TV online live or recorded. Your location doesn't matter, you can do it from any part of the world, including the USA. You don’t need to purchase a satellite antenna to do it!

What do we do?

We provide high-quality TV services in the USA. With Polish TV in the USA, you can watch your favorite TV content whenever you want. There are many options to choose from:

● You can watch Polish TV on your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) with a special Android TV app.
● Along with them, you can use Chromecast.
● You might prefer to watch Polish channels through an Android box, firestick or Apple TV.
● You might want to enjoy Polish movies and shows on your Smart TV Samsung.
● If you prefer a TV box, you can choose to watch Polish channels through Dune or Alphabox.
● Finally, you can even watch Polish TV online.

Thus, we offer you an opportunity to choose a convenient option.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Polish families all around the world, including the USA, with top quality Polish TV services.

● Polish TV in the USA offers you access to the best channels in the Polish language. More than 90 Polish channels are available.
● Polish TV in the USA guarantees consistent service.
● Polish TV (Polska Telewizja) online brings Polish culture to your families. It helps you to join the immense cultural heritage of your native country.

We take care of your national identity and the future of your kids. We help you to keep your language and culture.