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3000+ movies on demand

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100+ Polish channels

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Polish TV live or with delayed streaming on any device

Give your loved ones a pleasure of watching the best Polish TV and movies anywhere, anytime. Enrich family entertainment with news, sports, blockbusters, TV-series, cartoons and many more in the Polish language:

Delayed streaming

Set Delayed streaming to any convenient time zone


Use up to 3 devices simultaneously

Video archive

Catch up on missed shows with Two-week archive

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Polish TV for kids

Best Polish Television
for your children

Maintain your kids curiosity to the homeland’s culture and language. Polish TV service provides a lot of entertaining and educational TV content from cartoons to world's best TV channels in Polish:

TV channels for kids

Polish & World’s TV channels, movies & cartoons library for kids included

Supported devices

Tablet and mobile device support for useful pastime

Parent control

Lock non-allowed channels with Parent Control

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Polish channels and movies
for your parents

We keep it simple for your parents to enjoy their long-loved programs and favorite movies. Even simpler with Media player.


Easy-to-use and intuitive interface with complete TV-program

Auto payments

Set auto payment to never miss a billing period

Polish-speaking support

Polish-speaking tech support is always at hand

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Got questions?

Can I watch Polish TV on computer, regular TV and mobile devices?

Yes, Polish TV can be watched using web player on computer or mobile…

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Where can I buy a TV box?

You can purchase a media player on our website or order by phone 718.713.8484

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Can I cancel the service? Do I need to pay any cancellation fee?

You can cancel your service anytime and it will be absolutely free. You can find…

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